Research Centers and Research Groups

Political Economy Research Group (PERG)

The mission of PERG is to foster collaborative research among the CEU faculty and students doing research in the tradition of political economy. The primary focus of PERG are varieties of capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe. During teaching semesters PERG convenes weekly seminars for faculty, students and visitors.


Political Behavior Research Group (PolBeRG)

PolBeRG is a research-facilitating and learning environment for the study of political behavior and political communication. It organizes regular seminars with paper presentations, replication seminars, and more informal talks on research methods and emerging research agendas. The events are open to students and faculty from any CEU department as well as interested scholars at other academic institutions, and offer them the opportunity to discuss their own research with a specialist audience. 

Conflict and Security Research Group (CONSEC) 

The Conflict & Security Research Group (CONSEC) serves as an interdisciplinary hub for students and faculty members united by a pluralist methodological approach in the expansive realm of conflict and security studies. Our research group thrives on fostering academic exchange and collaboration, catering to those passionate about diverse topics such as ethnic and ideological civil wars, political violence, peacebuilding, third-party intervention, conflict management, ethnic politics, diasporas and migration, nationalism, identity, and foreign policy.

Welcoming scholars from various backgrounds, CONSEC is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant space for the exploration of these critical issues. Our platform provides an avenue for regular engagements, encompassing discussions on ongoing research endeavors aimed at amplifying research productivity and achieving high-impact publications. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond internal interactions, encompassing an openness to external dialogues, including guest speaker presentations, examinations of contemporary literature, documentary screenings, and public dialogues delving into the latest developments in the conflict and security domain.

Should you wish to engage in discourse regarding your work in progress or inquire further about our group's endeavors, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at:

Political, Legal and Moral  Theory Research Group (POLEMO)

 POLEMO represents a research group in Political, Moral, and Legal Theory. It was established in 2011, centered around, but not limited to, students and faculty from the Political Science and Philosophy Departments. Its main activities are meeting for philosophical analyses of the latest literature on the topic. It also organizes lectures and seminars.

Migration Research Group (MiRG)

The Migration Research Group (MiRG) provides a platform for faculty, students and researchers from all disciplines and units at CEU who have an interest in the study of mobility and migration – key disciplines presented in the group include political science, public policy, international relations, sociology & social anthropology, law, history, and network science. The group holds regular meetings for informal and congenial debate of migration topics and to discuss ongoing research of the members with a specialized audience. It seeks to foster collaborative research among its members. Additionally, it organizes events, workshops, and public lectures to raise the visibility and impact of migration research at CEU.

Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine (CELAB)

The interdisciplinarity of the issues of ethics and law of science and technology create a unique intersection of research fields also at the Central European University, where more and more students choose a topic in bioethical and scientific ethical issues. Their interest in this interdisciplinary domain is indicative of the growing importance of this field of study. To promote research and teaching in the field of bioethics and biomedical law in 2005 CEU established the Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine. The Center shall assist scholars and students in their ongoing research and represent the University in international research consortia. 

 The Middle East and North Africa Space (MENAS)

The Middle East and North Africa Space (MENAS) is a research group dedicated to the study of issues related to the Middle East and North Africa. It is housed at the Central European University in Budapest, within the department of political science. The aim of MENAS is to bring together scholars working on these regions. It organizes events such as seminars, paper discussions, and workshops, and social events such as movie nights and Arabic language practice.