Faculty Spotlight

Enyedi & Casal Bértoa's Latest Book on Party Systems

September 30, 2020

For all those interested in party systems, the latest product of Zsolt Enyedi (Department of Political Science, CEU) and Fernando Casal Bértoa (CEU alumn and School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham) from Oxford Research Encyclopedia: 

Party Systems: Types, Dimensions, and Explanations

Gina Donoso, New Visiting Professor

September 8, 2020
We'd like you to join us in welcoming aboard our new visiting professor, Gina Donoso.
Gina Donoso holds a PhD in Psychology from Ghent University (Belgium). She is currently a visiting professor at the Department of Political Sciences, Central European University. She also works as clinical psychologist, and as a gender-based violence, transitional justice and reparations specialist, with an extensive field experience in supporting victims and communities involved in violence and social catastrophes.

Former CEU Research Fellow Nino Abzianidze's Article on Nationalist Discourse Networks in the Georgian Print Media Published

July 21, 2020

Former CEU Postdoctoral Researcher Nino Abzianidze's article "Us vs. Them as Structural Equivalence: Analysing Nationalist Discourse Networks in the Georgian Print Media" is published and free access.

New Article by Bochsler forthcoming in the European Political Science Review

July 8, 2020

A new article by Daniel Bochsler (CEU) and Andreas Juon (UCL) is forthcoming in the European Political Science Review: Hurricane or fresh breeze? Disentangling the populist effect on the quality of democracy.

Bruszt's Latest Co-Authored Article in Review of International Political Economy

June 24, 2020

Collateral benefit: the developmental effects of EU-induced state building in Central and Eastern Europe

Laszlo Bruszt, Ludvig Lundstedt & Zsuzsa Munkacsi