Faculty Spotlight

Gheaus New Article "Ordeals, women and gender justice"

January 20, 2021
Assistant Professor Anca Gheaus published her new article, "Ordeals, women and gender justice", in the journal Economics and Philosophy:
It may be efficient to distribute scarce health resources by small inconveniences: this would direct resources to people who mostly care about them.

Duman analyses the recent political repression of academia in Hungary and Turkey

January 8, 2021
Anil Duman's co-authored paper "Marketisation of Academia and Authoritarian Governments: The Cases of Hungary and Turkey in Critical Perspective" has just been published in Critical Sociology and it analyses the recent political repression of academia in Hungary and Turkey within the critical scholarship on globalisation and neoliberalisation of higher education.

Anil Duman's Chapter in Female Voices from the Worksite

December 28, 2020

Associate Professor Anil Duman's chapter “Precarious Employment Intersecting with Gender: are women punished more?” has been published in the volume M. Walker (ed.) Female Voices from the Worksite: The Impact of Hidden Bias against Working Women Across the Globe. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

New Visiting Faculty - Monika Mühlböck

December 23, 2020

The Department is happy to welcome dr. Monika Mühlböck as visiting professor on board.

Dr. Monika Mühlböck, in the winter semester, will cover topics of great contemporary political relevance. Her course, Democratic representation in the Risk Society, deals with problems of democratic politics in the context of decisions involving high levels of risk, such as COVID-19 or climate change. The course will count towards the Political Economy, Electoral Politics and Comparative Politics specializations.

How do statistics reveal election fraud? by Daniel Bochsler

December 15, 2020

Associate Professor Daniel Bochsler's article has just appeared in Republic online magazine:

How do statistics reveal election fraud? - "It is becoming increasingly difficult to manipulate elections undetected because research is increasingly using elaborate mathematical methods to find out about electoral fraud."

The article is in German.