The Department of Political Science invites students wishing to develop the analytical skills necessary to understand contemporary social and political issues. With original scholarship, basic and applied research, and creative instructors constituting an essential core upon which to draw, programs at the Department attract an outstanding selection of qualified students from throughout the region and the world. The curriculum is unique within Europe, covering almost all areas of political studies, and offers in-depth expertise in the comparative politics of Europe and beyond, with special emphasis on contemporary challenges facing society. Representing a comprehensive range of academic approaches and expertise, faculty address questions of political philosophy, democratization and regime change, constitutional politics, political economy, voting behavior, party politics, human rights and Europeanization, in a comparative manner.

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The focus of the Political Science Department at CEU on critical thinking, writing, and methodological excellence has helped me a lot in my career.

I would say there are four reasons why someone should apply to the Political Science department at CEU: Academic rigor, awesome people, financial and professional support, as well as educational prestige

Project and Policy Officer at International Diabetes Federation Europe

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