Course Schedules

* Please note that the schedules may be subject to change. Thank you for your understanding. *

MA Programs

Academic Year 2023/24

Orientation Week: Sep 4-8, 2023 Central CEU Orientation Sessions

Zero Week: Sep 11-15, 2023 + Department Orientations

Fall schedule MA 23-24

Winter schedule MA 23-24

PhD Program

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Calendar 2023-24

Orientation Week, Sep 4-8 
is an introductory week organized by CEU each year in the beginning of September to familiarize first-year students with CEU units and life in Vienna. 

Zero week, Sep 11-15 
follows the Orientation Week every year, and consists of introductory classes that help students to decide which elective courses suit their interests the best. 

Fall Term 1st half: Sep 18 - Oct 27 (registration: Sep 11 - Sep 25)
Fall Term 2nd half: Oct 30 - Dec 8
(Oct 26: National holiday, CEU Vienna is officially closed.
Nov 1: All Saints' Day, CEU Vienna is officially closed.
Dec 8: Immaculate Conception Day, CEU Vienna is officially closed.)

Winter Term: Jan 8 - Mar 29 (registration: Dec 11 - Jan 15)

Spring Term: Apr 2 - Jun 14 (registration: Mar 25 - Apr 8)
(Apr 1, May 1, May 9, May 20 and May 30 are holidays, CEU Vienna is officially closed.)