Programs, Specializations and Eligibility

- Can I apply for a Bachelor’s program in Political Science?

CEU is a graduate institution and does not offer Bachelor’s programs. If you complete your BA studies, you will be eligible for the Master's program at CEU and we would be delighted to receive your application.

- Should I apply for the One-year MA program in Political Science or the Two-year MA program in Political Science?

If you have completed four years of undergraduate university you should apply for the one-year MA program. Applicants with a three-year Bachelor's degree will be considered for two-year Master's programs. If you already completed a 3-year BA and another 1-year MA or two 3-year BA degrees (and not two specializations within 3 years of your BA) you should also apply to the one-year MA program. Exception to these rules will be granted only to exceptional cases.

- Do I have to have Political Science background in order to be eligible?

You do not neccessarily have to have political science background. Applicants are eligible coming from various fields.

- I am attending a 4-year BA program but I wish to graduate in three years. Can I apply for the One-year MA program in Political Science?

Yes, but your admission will be conditional on your successful graduation.

- What are the areas of specialization at the Political Science Department?

We offer certificates of specialization, you can find out more about the certificates at the following link: https://politicalscience.ceu.edu/specializations-1.