Political Science Department Seminars and Doctoral Seminars

The Department of Political Science is proud to present the annual sequence of departmental seminars and doctoral seminars. The seminars provide the occasion for faculty, advanced, and first-year PhD students to present their work.

Seminars and meetings are always held at 13:30 - 15:10 on Wednesdays in the Academic Year 2021/2022. For livestream link please register here. 

Spring Term
Date Venue Department Seminar Name & Title
April 6 Annual Doctoral Conference
April 20 A419 Presentations by Probationary Candidates, PE track
April 27 D-001 Tiered Challenges for Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights Online, Cameran Ashraf, Ph.D (CEU)
May 4 B215 Department Meeting
May 11 A516 Lucas Leemann (University of Zurich)Direct Democracy and Political Conflict — Institutional Evolution in the 19th Century
May 18 A419 Presentations by Probationary Candidates, CP track
June 15, 16.30-18.00 A415 Department Meeting
Winter Term


Venue Department Seminar Name & Title

Jan 12

Department Meeting
Jan 26 online Dorothee Bohle (University of Vienna), Europe's Rule of Law Crisis
Feb 2 Department Meeting
*Feb 9 - 17:30 online Margit Tavits (Washington University), Fathers’ Leave Increases Attitudinal Gender Equality
Feb 16 Ingo Rohlfing (University of Cologne), The integration of Bayesian regression analysis and Bayesian process tracing in mixed-methods research
Feb 23 online

Kennet Benoit (LSE), Measuring Textual Sophistication in any Domain in any Language using Machine Learning

March 2 Department Meeting
March 9 B-421 Elena Frech (Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg), Can(`t) Have It All? The Political Careers of Parents
March 16 online Mihaly Fazekas (CEU)COVID-19 emergency governance in Romania: New corruption equilibrium or a passing phenomenon?
*March 23 - 17:30 online Pablo Barberá (USC Dornsife), The consequences of online partisan media
March 30 B-421 Lucas Leemann (University of Zurich)Direct Democracy and Political Conflict — Institutional Evolution in the 19th Century
Date Venue Department Seminar Name & Title
Sep 15 B-421 Department Meeting
Sep 22 B-319 Department Meeting
Oct 6 B-421 Department Meeting
Oct 13 B-421
Gabor Simonovits (CEU): Communication in the aftermath of political scandals - onsite
Oct 20 B-421 Martin Larsen (Aarhus University): The Power of Political Leadership - onsite
* Oct 27 - 15.30 B-421 Zeynep Somer-Topcu (University of Texas at Austin): Message Distortion as a Campaign Strategy: Does Rival Party Distortion of Focal Party Position Affect Voters? - online
Nov 3 B-421 Department Meeting
* Nov 11, Thursday - 17.45 B-421 Julian Casanova (University of Zaragoza): Writing and teaching history in the digital age - online
 * Nov 16, Tuesday - 17.30 Vienna Karl Polany Guest Lecture by Fred Block (Research Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Davis): American Capitalism: Choosing Among Trump, Biden, and Bernie Sanders - online
Nov 24 B-421 Zoltan Fazekas (Copenhagen Business School): Raising Moral Considerations: Intra-Court Bargaining and Moral Language in the European Court of Human Rights - online
Dec 1 B-421 Nenad Stojanovic (University of Genève): Electoral discrimination against candidates belonging to minority groups: a theoretical puzzle and an empirical challenge - online
Dec 15 B-421 David Fortunato (UCSD): How Voters Predict Coalition Bargaining Outcomes - online

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