2014/15 Departmental Seminars

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Date Name Title Discussant Note
16-Apr Judit Sandor "Books and Authors: My Classic in Political Science"
9-Apr Bela Greskovits "Books and Authors: My Classic in Political Science"
26 Mar Laszlo Kontler "Books and Authors: My Classic in Political Science"
12 Mar Jason Wittenberg "Slouching towards Authoritarianism? Evidence from survey experiments around the 2014 Hungarian elections"
5-Mar Departmental Meeting
26-Feb Matthijs Bogaards  "Iraq: The Failure of Liberal Consociationalism?"
12-Feb Borbala Kovacs Books and Authors: My Classic in Political Science - Beyond Dichotomies; Ruth Lister's "Citizenship: Feminist Perspectives" 
5-Feb Departmental Meeting
29-Jan Takis S. Pappas "Carry on Sisyphus! Greece, and Europe, after the Greek election"
15 Jan Departmental Meeting
11-Dec PhD Candidate Presentations - Political Economy Track
4-Dec Departmental meeting
20-Nov PhD Candidate Presentations - Comparative Politics Track
13-Nov Adam Holesch

The Influence of Asymmetry on Territorial Dynamics in “Hybrid” Multinational States: The Case of Spain

30-Oct Julian Casanova The Franco Dictatorship in Historical-Comparative Perspective
17-Oct Michael J. Zimmerman Ignorance as a Moral Excuse by Michael J. Zimmerman at 15.30 in MB Gellner Room
16-Oct Bo Rothstein Why is There No Democracy in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region in MB Gellner Room
3-Oct Departmental Meeting at 10:15 am in FT 908
2-Oct Departmental Meeting  
25-Sep Paul Hollander Dictators and Intellectuals: Political Hero Worship in Our Times    in MB Gellner Room
18-Sep Dimitrijevic Nenad Books and Authors: My Classic in Political Science - On Habermas' Between Facts and Norms
11-Sep Departmental Meeting

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