2016/17 Departmental Seminars


Date Name Title Discussant Note
15-June Departmental meeting
1-June Benjamin de Cleen Departmental seminar
31-May Departmental meeting
24-May Zselyke Csaky Democracy beyond the numbers: The latest Freedom House’s Nations in Transit 2017 report and a practitioner’s take
17-May Departmental meeting
10-May András Bozóki & Dániel Hegedűs The Externally Constrained Hybrid Regime
26- April Departmental meeting
19-April Mihály Fazekas

Political favouritism and technical solutions in public procurement?

12-April Isabela Mares

Conditionality and Coercion: Electoral clientelism in Eastern Europe

5-April Marta Fraile Political knowledge and its measurement: a comparative item level analysis
29-March Steven Fish What Is Putinism?
22-March Chelsea C. Chou Civil Society and Democracy in Taiwan 5:30 pm
 22-March Departmental meeting
8 March Kelly McMann The Development of Democracy and Authoritarianism within Countries: Overcoming Subnational Regime Variation
22-Febr Presentations of 1st year doctoral students (Comparative Politics and Political Theory PhD tracks)
15-Febr Departmental meeting
1-Febr Elisabeth Ivarsflaten What Unites the Electorally Successful Populist Radical Right in Western Europe 2.0    
18-Jan   Departmental meeting    
7-Dec   Departmental meeting    
30-Nov Hakan Sicakkan The publics of Europe and the future of the European public sphere
23-Nov Tamás Kiss Beyond ethnic vote: Determinants of Transylvanian Hungarian voter behavior    
16-Nov Matthijs Bogaards Centripetalism and Consociationalism: Friends or Foes?
9-Nov Bálint Magyar The Post-Communist Mafia State    
2-Nov Pedro Riera No Elections for Big Parties: European Parliament Elections and National Party System Fragmentation
26-Oct  Laszlo Bruszt Deep Economic Integration and State Capacity: The Case of the Eastern Enlargement of the European Union    
12-Oct   Departmental meeting    
5-Oct Will Lowe Scaling Things We Can Count
14-Sep Departmental meeting