2017/18 Departmental Seminars


Date Name Title Discussant Note
14 June Departmental meeting Room N13 118
4 June Yuriy Matsiyevsky Revolution Without Regime Change: The Case of Ukraine Room N15 Quantum 101
10 May Zoltan Gabor Szucs Political ethics of illiberal regimes Room N15 104
3 May Departmental meeting Room N13 118
26 April Martijn Schoonvelde Undermining, defusing, or defending European integration?  Room N11 004
19 April Doctoral School  Presentations of 1st year Political Theory track PhD students

Room N9 Monument Bulding 201 (Hanak)

12 April moderated by Matthijs Bogaards Roundtable on the Hungarian elections Room N15 Quantum 101
5 April Departmental meeting Room N9 Monument Building 201 (Hanak)

4 April

 Mihaly Fazekas  Institutional quality, campaign contributions, and corruption risks in US federal government contracting Room N15 Quantum 101
29 March Akos Kopper Japanese Anime and World Order Room N15 Quantum 101
22 Feb Sebastian Elischer How Often and Why Do Military Coups Usher in Civilian Rule? Coups, Post-Coup Elections and Autocratic Resilience in the Post-Cold War World Room N15 Quantum 101
15 Feb Josep Ferret Mas Central Bank's Legitimacy Room N15 Quantum 101
8 Feb Mihail Chiru Departmental seminar Room N15 Quantum 101
1 Feb Departmental meeting Room N15 106
18 Jan Departmental meeting Room N15 Quantum 101
7 Dec   Departmental meeting    
30 Nov  Dorit Geva Daughter, Mother, Captain: Marine Le Pen, Gender, and Populism in the French National Front
23 Nov Departmental Town Hall Meeting    
2 Nov   Departmental meeting
26 Oct  Zoltan Adam
Gerrymandering the Nation. A Political Transaction Cost Theory of Populism    
12 Oct   Departmental meeting    
21 Sep Arpad Todor Revolutionary Roads. Diffusion of Neoliberal Tax Policies in the 10 Post-communist New EU Member States
14 Sep 15:00-16:30 Departmental meeting