Academic year 2013-14 Political Science departmental doctoral seminars


Date Name Title Discussant Note
18-Jun   Departmental meeting    
6-May Dr Radoslaw Zubek The Evolution of Agenda Control in Parliamentary Democracies   Seminar starts at 2 pm in FT908.
28-Apr   Departmental meeting    
24-Apr Silvana Tarlea Multinational Corporations and Higher Education: the Hidden Dynamics   FT 309
23-Apr Amy H. Liu Depictions of the Chinese in the Hungarian Press: Ideologically-Motivated or Economically-Driven?  
3-Apr Marton Benedek, PhD Have We Punched Our Weight in the EU? - The New Member States’ 10 Years in the European Union Prof. Péter Balázs, PhD Seminar starts at 2 pm in Senate Room. RSVP required!
3-Apr   Departmental meeting    
27-Mar   Departmental meeting    
26-Mar Dario Azzellini
Marina Sitrin
PERG lecture: They Can’t Represent Us! – New global movements and democracy    N13 001
20-Mar Isabela Mares From Open Secrets to Secret Voting. The Economic and Political Determinants of Reforms Protecting Electoral Autonomy   Venue: MB Popper Room
17-Mar Tamas Rudas
Levente Littvay
PolBeRG workshop - Latent Class Analysis    
14-Mar Carl Nordlund, Juraj Medzihorsky PolBeRG seminar - Web Scraping    
6-Mar Laszlo Bruszt Varieties of backyard management: EU integration and the evolution of economic state capacities in Europe's periphery   Co-organized with PERG
6-Mar   Departmental meeting    Meeting starts at 12.45
28-Feb Trajche Panov PolBeRG seminar - Political Divisions in the Republic of Macedonia  
14-Feb Paul DeBell PolBeRG seminar - Anger and Disgust in Hungarian Party Politics and Public Opinion  
6-Feb   Departmental meeting    
31-Jan David Fortunato PolBeRG seminar - Cross-National Variation in Political Knowledge    FT 909
16-Jan   Departmental meeting    

PhD Candidate Presentations - Political Theory track
13:30-13:50 Man Kong Li

13:50-14:10 Viktor Ivankovic


PhD Candidate Presentations - Comparative Politics Track

13:30-13:50 Elena Cristina Balea (CP)
“The family transmission of political and economic values"
13:50-14:10 Jan Beyer (CP)
“Dangerous Commodities: Variations in Violence in Illicit Markets”
14:10-14:30 Vujo Ilic (CP) 
“The Dynamics of Violence in the 1941-1945 Civil War in Yugoslavia”
14:30-14:50 Ioana Elena Oana (CP)
“Interest groups and Policy Congruence: Assessing the Quality of Democracy in Western and Eastern Europe”
14:50-15:10 Claudia Zucca (CP/Network Sciences)
"The Polarization of the party system: a new methodological approach"
26-Nov Andrei Gheorghita Transnational solidarity and public support for EU enlargement   5.30 pm, N11 004
14-Nov Bo Rothstein How to create concepts in political science. The case of “good governance”    N11-TIGY
7-Nov   Departmental Meeting    
31-Oct Žilvinas Martinaitis Levels and specificity of skills in Europe: Alternative approach towards measurement    
24-Oct Scott Atran The Devoted Actor: A Framework for Understanding Intractable Conflict and Existential Decision Making   5 pm, N9 Aud
17-Oct Julian Casanova The Transition to Democracy in Spain (Revisited)   FT 809
15-Oct George Lakoff A Departmental Seminar with George Lakoff   N11-TIGY
3-Oct   Departmental Meeting    
19-Sept Tatiana Costadinova Corruption and Political Participation: Testing Models of Voting and Protesting