Vol. 5, No. 1, February 2010
Michael Gray: Feminist interpretations of Thomas Hobbes: a response to Carole Pateman and Susan Okin
Üner Daglier: When sociology contradicts philosophy: Afterthoughts on the forbidden modern
Ercan Gündoğan: Postmodern politics and Marxism
Kimberly Frank: Avoiding welfare state retrenchment in France
Hakan Samur: The Europeanization of Upper Mesopotamia: Current status of its societal structure

Vol. 5, No. 2, April 2010
Marinella Belluati & Giuliano Bobba: European elections in Italian media: between second order campaign and the construction of a European public sphere
Giovanna Mascheroni & Sara Minucci:  European elections in the Italian web sphere: campaigning 2.0?
Agnieszka Stępińska: “Double elections” as a context of political communication
Prodromos Yannas: The encounter of political marketing with different versions of democracy
Fouad Touzani: The role of Al-Jazeera in empowering Arab civil society

Vol. 5, No. 3, September 2010
Béla Janky & Károly Takács:  Efficient and inefficient social control in collective action
Jaira J. Harrington: Political blog influence reconsidered: A network analysis of mainstream and alternative ethnic-racial American political blogs
Baris Cayli: Social networks of the Italian mafia; the strong and weak parts
Elayne F. Fracaro: Social networks addressing group membership and identity from the concept/ creative function of social imagination
Valentin Stoian: Historicism and its critics: the case of Karl Marx

Vol. 5, No 4, December 2010
FOREWORD: Dylan Kissane, Revolution in political affairs
Nicole Goodman, The Experiences Of Canadian Municipalities with Internet Voting
Minhua Lin, What are the impacts and limits of e-advocacy in China
Ellen Hallams, Digital diplomacy: the internet, the battle for ideas & US foreign policy
Alec Charles, The politics of Facebook friendship: the influence of the social structuration of the SNS upon the notion of the political
Kevin Fernandez, The two waves of cyberpolitics in Malaysia: What does the byelections barometer tell us?