PhD Dissertations 2006

An Essay on the Desire-based Reasons Model

by Attila Tanyi
Defense Committee: Ferenc Huoranszki, Philosophy Dept., CEU; Krister Bykvist, Jesus College, Oxford University, UK; János Kis, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 14 December 2006.

Industrial and Firm Upgrading in the European Periphery: The Textile and Apparel Industry in Turkey and Bulgaria
by Evgeni Evgeniev
Defense Committee: Colic Crouch, University of Warwick, UK; Mihaly Laki, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Bela Greskovits, IRES and Political Science Dept., CEU; Jaap Dronkers, EUI, Italy; Dorothee Bohle, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 11 December 2006.

Personal Assets and Justice
by Neven Petrovic
Defense Committee: Howard M. Robinson, Philosophy Dept., CEU, Chair; János Kis, CEU; Neven Sesardic, Lingnan University, Hong Kong; Ferenc Huoránszki, Philosophy dept., CEU supervisor.
Defended: 30 November 2006.

Institutions in Global Distributive Justice
by Andras Miklos
Defense Committee: Alexander Astrov, IRES, CEU; Zoltán Miklósi, CEU; Thomas Pogge, Columbia University, US; Janos Kis, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 23 November 2006

Virtual deliberation An Ethnography of Online Political Discussion in Hungary
by Ildiko Kaposi
Defense Committee: Balazs Vedres, CEU, Chair; Miklos Sukosd, CEU; Stephen Coleman, University of Leeds, UK; Lajos Csaszi, Hungarian SAcademy of Sciences; Nick Jankowski, Radboud University, NL; Tamas Meszerics, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 15 November 2006

Institutional Conditions of Expansionary Fiscal Consolidations
by Istvan Benczes
Defense Committee: Julius Horvath, IRES and Economics Dept., CEU, György Szapáry, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Hungary; Attila Fölsz, CEU; László Csaba, IRES, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 17 October 2006.

The Budapest Budgeting Reform Strategy between 1995 and 1999
by Katalin Pallai
Defense Committee: Tamás M. Horváth, University of Debrecen; Gábor Péteri, LGI Development Ltd., Dorothee Bohle, CEU; Robert Ebel, World Bank supervisor.
Defended: 16 October 2006.

Multicultural Liberalism: Towards a Normative Theory of Ethnic Relations
by Robert Sata
Defense Committee: Erin K. Jenne, IRES, CEU; Levente Salat, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania; Nenad Dimitrijevic, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 29 September 2006.

The Effect of Strategic Planning on Urban Governing Arrangements
by Masa Djordjevici
Defense Committee: Gerry Stoker, University of Manchester, UK; Pawel Swianiewicz, Warsaw University, Poland; Violetta Zentai, CPS, CEU; Paul Kantor, Fordham University, US; Tamás Meszerics, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 6 September 2006.

What Local Media Tells Us about Post-Communist Democracy
by Tanja Gosselin
Defense Committee: Ken Newton, University of Southampton, UK; Tamas Rudas, ELTE and CEU; Kees Aarts, University of Twente, NL; Gabor Toka, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 5 May 2006.

A Reason-based Justification for Liberal Democratic Authority
by Ruzha Smilova
Defense Committee: Nenad Dimitrijevic, CEU; Wojciech Sadurski, EUI, Italy; János Kis, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 4 February 2006.

"Unidentified Shareholders:" The Politics of Banking in Russia  
by Anastasia Gnezditskaia
Defense Committee: Julius Horvath, IRES and Economics Dept., CEU; Juliet Johnson, McGill University, Canada; Laszlo Bruszt, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 20 January 2006.

The Euro before the EU? An Estimate of the Effect of Euroization on Trade and Growth of Albani, Macedonia, and Serbia
by Altin Ilirjani
Defense Committee: László Csaba, IRES, CEU; Vladimir Gligorov, Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies; Attila Fölsz, CEU supervisor
Defended: 11 January 2006.