PhD Dissertations 2005

Local Party Institutionalization in Hungary  

by Gabor Soos
Defense Committee: Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux; Pawel Swianiewicz, Warsaw University, Poland; Violetta Zentai, CPS, CEU; Gabor Toka, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 12 September 2005.

Structure, Determinants and Political Consequences of Political Attitudes: Evidence from Serbia  
by Bojan Todosijevic
Defense Committee: Andras Kovacs, Nationalism Studies Program, CEU; Gabor Toka, CEU, Bernhard Wessels, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Germany; Zsolt Enyedi, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 8 September 2005.

Between Fear and Freedom: Political Theory of Judith N. Shklar
by Kamila Stullerova
Defense Committee: Janos Kis, CEU; Frantisek Novosad, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Petr Lom, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 25 August 2005.

On Klosko's Account of Political Obligation  
by Serhiy Pukas
Defense Committee: Nenad Dimitrijevic, CEU; George Klosko, University of Virginia; János Kis, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 6 May 2005.

Well-Being and Risk
by Gergely Bognar
Defense Committe: John Broome, Oxford University, UK; Ferenc Huoranszki, Philosophy Dept., CEU; Imre Orthmayr, ELTE; Balázs Váradi, CEU; János Kis, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 4 March 2005.