Peter Vagi (MA 2002-2003)

July 23, 2014

Senior Adviser, Policy Making, Strategy and Reform at OECD - OCDE / SIGMA, Paris, France

"Studying at Central European University was one of the greatest journeys of my life. Being a Hungarian myself, it was also a great experience to explore my home city, Budapest together with foreigners from all over the World. As I have started studying at CEU after already having a couple of years of work experience, I had the opportunity to reflect to what I have done previously in my professional life while substantially expanding my capabilities, too. The experience gained at CEU, the network I have developed there and the professional, academic knowledge I was privileged to obtain, all added a lot to opening completely new doors to me in my professional career later. All these have resulted in opportunities I would never have the chance to receive without having my CEU diploma."