Evgeni Evgeniev (MA 2000-2001, PhD 2001-2007)

July 23, 2014

Associate Professor at VUZF University, Bulgaria
Private Sector Development Specialist, Europe and Central Asia Region, World Bank, Sofia, Bulgaria

“CEU is a meeting place for people of different cultures, knowledge and experience. The time I spent in Budapest, studying and living together with peers from all over the world, taught me what it means to be truly European, while preserving your own culture and identity. The Political Science Department was an invaluable source of knowledge with its impeccable administration, highly-demanding curricula and top-notch lecturers. The experience at CEU helped me also navigate the intricacies of European policies, economics and politics. I believe CEU has made a tangible impact on my subsequent academic and professional development and I would warmly recommend this academic journey.”