Emilia Lubenova (MA 2007-2008)

July 23, 2014

Business Development Expert at New - I JSC, Bulgaria

"CEU and my Budapest experience are very precious to me, I will always keep them in my heart. You helped me to be what I am now - I feel young and successful and it is sure that you contributed a lot to this feeling of mine. Thank you all for being exactly what you were, for helping me and my colleagues to grow up, because when we came back in our countries, we were different people, enriched with all kinds of scientific, cultural and personal experience. In CEU I also met many new friends that are a part of my life now. CEU and the POLSCI faculty developed in me many qualities that I use in my professional life now. You gave me more patience, concentration and tenacity. CEU helped me on one hand to listen and to understand the positions of my interlocutors but, on the other hand to have a strong personal opinion and to present it clearly."