MA Theses 2013/14

Aleksovska, Marija

Trust in Changing Institutions. Effects of the Ohrid Framework Agreement on the Institutional Trust in Macedonia.

Apro, Danijel

Third Generation of International Criminal Justice. Hybrid Courts in Cambodia, East Timor, and Kosovo.

Autushka-Sikorski, Aliaksandr New Energy Security Policies in Europe. Making All Quiet on Western Front.
Balkovic, Ana Public opinion on public education spending in Croatia
Bogatinovska, Sanja

Grass-Root Level Perceptions on the Process of Reconciliation in the Multi-Ethnic Municipalities in Macedonia

Borbáth, Endre Preference for the Public Good. Programmatic Linkages in Hungary and Romania.
Brazhko, Illia The Factors Behind Electoral Revolutions in the Postcommunist World 
Dimovska, Kristina Equitable Representation in the Decentralization in the Republic of Macedonia
Dybala, Maciej

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Political Socialization within Family and Perception of Undemocratic Actions in a Democratic Regime

Gabrielyan, Akop

The Perspectives of Economic Integration in the South Caucasus. The Impact of Armenia's Accession to the Eurasian Customs Union.

Genc, Ela

The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Small Open Economies. Comparison of Hungary and Croatia.

Grigore, Bogdan-Constantin The Selection of Executive Elites in New Democracies
Halavach, Dzmitry Samizdat and the Ambiguities of Resistance in the Post-Stalin USSR
Hellyer, Gabor

Disunited Elites, Legitimacy Politics, and Constitutional Change. An Agency-Centred Account of Democratic Deconsolidation in Hungary.

Hevey, Kirstyn Estonian Transitional Justice. Predicated on a Collective Memory.
Horváth, László Information Effects and Party Competition Set-Ups. A Cross-Constituency Study of Spanish Electoral Behavior.
Ivanovska, Milka Organized Labor in Post Socialist Macedonia. The Path to Marginalization (1989-1998).
Jakimovs, Sergejs Does Free Movement of Services and Labor in the EU Threaten Coordinated Market Economies? Swedish Corporatism and the LAVAL Challenge.
Malede, Tewodros Ethnic Minority Rule in Ethiopia, Causes and Challenges. A Comparative Study.
Mazgelyte, Ruta The Failure of Regime Consolidation in Ivory Coast after 1990
Moise, Alexandru Health Politics in Hungary and Romania
Murányi, Zsófia

Intentional Laggards? Explaining New Member States' Eurozone Entry Strategies in the Pre- and Post-Crisis Landscape.

Nagy, Réka Public Debt Accumulation in Hungary. Outlier in what sense?
Ozcelik, Ozlem Party Closures as a Measure of Militant Democracy in Turkey
Paiziev, Erali Gods of Central Asia. Understanding Neopatrimonialism.
Paustyan, Ekaterina Concerning Some Aspects of Outward Foreign Direct Investments from Russia
Popp, Raluca Intolerant Attitudes of Romanian Youth
Puskás, Zsófia Multiculturalism in Liberal Democracy. Politics of Cultural Pluralism
Rayapov, Askar

Substantive Political Agenda Setting Effect of Media in the Russian Federation. Case Studies Related to the Question of Migrants.

Resimic, Milos News Coverage of Domestic Violence in Serbia
Rybachok, Khrystyna Alterations in Semi-Presidential Framework in Ukraine. Appointment and Dismissal Powers of the President.
Shahyrov, Serdar The Geostrategic Curse in Post-Soviet States. The Cases of Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.
Shchelin, Pavel

The Image of Enemy. Russian Pro-Government Media During the Ukrainian Crisis in December 2013 - April 2014.

Shkaeva, Natalia The Resource Curse Magnitude in Federal States. The Study of Russia and Nigeria.
Smith, Rebecca Cosmopolitanism and Global Institutional Design
Stein, Juliane

The Euro Crisis, European Economic Governance and the Politics of Constrained Choice. The Cases of Ireland and Spain.

Stojkovska, Ivana

It Takes Two to Tango. Critical Voters and Clientelistic Efforts on the ‘Level Playing Field.’

Szirkó, András

The Irony of State Strength Revisited. Comparative Responses to Gas Supply and Price Shocks in the 2000's.

Tóth, Anikó

Multiple Dimensions of Higher Education Policy. Is There a Common Goal?

Tsutskiridze, Levan

Income Inequalities and Social Transfers in Georgia

Uhlik, Matej

Gladiators of Today. Political Participation and Its Structural Predictors in Contemporary Europe.

Vámos, Róbert

Legitimating Conditions of Democratic Constitution Making. Evaluating the Hungarian Constitution Making Procedures of 1989 and 2011.

Zuluaga, Paula

State-Society Relations at the Subnational Level. The Case of Property Tax and Landowner Elites in Colombia.