MA Theses 2012/13

Abbasi, Aliya Societal Perceptions and Legal Interventions. Implications on the Well-being of Street Working Children in Pakistan.
Analo, Trevor Leverage and Linkage: Comparing External Democratising Pressure and Regime Outcome in Africa
Balea, Elena Cristina Conceptions of the Good Citizen and Political Attitudes of Children
Cebotari, Sorin “Breaking” Social Identity through Diverse Relational Web: The case of Moldovans in Romania
Csonka, Anna Economist Kings. The study of expert governments as a method of crisis management.
Csurgo, Denes German Interest Groups and the Eurocrisis: Is Austerity hegemonic? 
De Simone, Matteo Justice or Certainty? Establishing the Rule of Law in Central and Eastern Europe 
Ferrari, Elisabetta (Social) Media for the 99%: Occupy Chicago and Alternative Media Production on Social Networking Sites
Forkovicova, Anna Understanding Participatory Budgeting: Lessons learned from Bratislava 
Hamid, Hani Decentralization and Public Service Delivery in Indonesia. The case of Road Infrastructure.
Hristova, Olimpija Decentralization and Inter-Ethnic Cooperation: Comparing Multiethnic Municipalities In Macedonia
Hudackova, Silvia Tax Havens' Regulation: Policy Paradox on the International Level?
Hurman, Hazal Why and How to be a Roma? Identification Processes of the Students of Roma Access Program at CEU.
Klingova, Katarina Securitization of Cyber Space in the United States of America, the Russian Federation and Estonia
Kukec, Marko Think Croatian, Act Slavonian. The Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja as a Regionalist Patriot.
Kurdi, Benedek "It's the Conformity, Stupid": Explicit and Implicit Attitudes towards Norm-Conforming and Norm-Breaking Gay Men in the United States
Markov, Vsevolod Why Not Censor the Internet? A Case Study of Russian New Media.
Molnar, Tamas Public and Private in Socialism. A Comparison of Gay Identities and Movements in Hungary and the German Democratic Republic.
Morlet - Corti, Yazmin Speech Choices in Maxico City 2012
Oana, Ioana-Elena When does Information Matter? Complexity, Cognitive Heuristics and Democratic Competence 
Orazov, Maksad Classification of Central Asian Capitalist Systems According to Weber’s Criteria
Oropeza Cortes, Miguel Crossroads in Corporatism. A Comparative Study in the Origins of Developmental Corporatism in Argentina and South Korea.
Pasche, Christian Contemporary German Family Policy between Socialist and Christian Conservative Legacies
Perisa, Josipa Young People as Voices Not Being Heard. Context Influence on Young People's Political (Non)-Participation.
Polyak, Palma Fiscal Unification Going Unnoticed? Trends in the European Union’s Involvement in National Tax Policies  in the Onset of the Euro Crisis
Poskeviciute, Justina Sustainable Development Practices in Protracted Refugee Situations. The West Bank.
Radeva, Veselena Kantian Ius Gentium Idea of International Right Applied to the Case of the European Union
Ram, Lipin ‘Talking about political violence’: Mapping the contested discursive space of North Kerala
Ratsiripe-Sekgwa, Tebo Institutions and Economic Prosperity. The Case of Botswana.
Savickas, Mindaugas Influences of Power Asymmetry and Value Similarity on the Perception of Threat. The Hungarian Case.
Seabo, Batlang Social Cleavages and Political Parties in Botswana. An account of a Pre-dominant Party System.
Sedlakova, Maria The Role of Ideology in Boundary Maintenance of Europarties
Sholderer, Olga Factors Defining Successful Police Reform. Cases of Georgia and Armenia.
Spac, Samuel Judiciary Development after the Breakdown of Communism in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Tatarska, Slavina The Unsuccessful Implementation of Copyright Enforcement Laws and the Spread of Internet Piracy in Bulgaria
Tskhadaia, Giorgi Developing a Proper Democratic Theory by Combining the Theories of Lukács and Habermas
Vasic, Marina The Political Integration of the Roma in Multicultural Societies. The Cases of Macedonia and Serbia.
Zubascu, Vasile Florin Media Independence and Democracy: Influential Relations between Journalists, Politicians, Ownership, and Advertisers in Romania