MA Theses 2008/09

Babaeva, Diana The Integration of Muslim Minorities: Comparative Analysis of Germany and France
Barna, Katherine Citizen Participation and Online Media: Crossroads of Technology and News
Bosancianu, Constantin Experts and Partisans: An Examination of Social Network Effects on Political Participation
Bördős, Éva Left-Right, Left-Right - Economic Policies of Eight European Populist Radical Right Wing Parties
Condulescu, Tiberiu Geopolitics and Foreign Policy. The Case of Israel
Dimulescu, Valentina The Institution of Presidential Impeachment in Semi-Presidential Systems. Case Study of Romania.
Fazekas, Zoltan Do Previous Experiences Matter? Moderation Effects on Candidate Trait Evaluations
Gálffy, Csaba Embeddedness and Democratic Performance
Gross, Vlad Accountability in Eastern and Western European Democracies: An Empirical Analysis of a Radial Concept
Hardos, Pavol Post-communist Elites and Economic Reforms in Czechoslovakia 1989-1992
Hurme, Tommi Online Campaign Strategy, Web 2.0 Tools, and Voter Preference in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
Jikia, Bakar Influence of Internal Threats on Foreign Policy in Authoritarian States: Central Asia
Kiss, Csaba Economic voting in post-communist Romania. The case of the 2000 and 2004 elections.
Kolaric, Tamara Citizenship, elections, legitimacy - a way towards reducing the 'democratic deficit' of the European Union
Kovalenko, Mariia Media Freedom and Democracy: Does Culture Matter?
Kurian, Matej How to Steal the Vote: Typology of Elections in Non-democracies
Kutmanaliev, Joldon The Political Opposition and Coalition-Building in the Post-communist Region: Post-Revolutionary Political Dynamics
Mazhidova, Nargiza Online Participatory Journalism in Central Asia: Is There More Press Freedom?
Ndung'u, Daniel An Attempt to Deal with the Past: Exploring Kenya's Long Road to a Truth Commission
Nigmatov, Vadim Professionalization of Political Campaigns. A Case study of Russian Parties in the Parlamentary Elections 2007.
Panov, Trajche Influence of the Party Ideology Shift on Political Apathy
Parusinski, Jakub Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others: An Inquiry into the Mechanisms Linking Interjurisdictional Inequality and Decentralization
Popa, Sebastian Assessing the Role of Voters' Political Information in Electoral Decisions: Bringing New Evidence Using Simulation Methods
Rsumovic, Nevena Representation of the Neighbor in the Serbian and Croatian Print Media
Shlyakhova, Elvira Decentralization in Ukraine: A Danger of Disintegration?
Sirinic, Daniela Isocratic Quest: Patterns of Participatory Inequality in New and Old European Democracies
Touzani, Fouad Al-Jazeera and the Democratic Transition in the Arab World: Empowering Arab Civil Society and Compensating for the Decline of Political Parties
Turcanu, Geanina Who Guards the Guardian's Guardian?
Weith, Paul Should the Political Knowledge of Voters be a Matter of Concern?
Wlachovska, Ivana Protest in Uzbekistan: Where are the Governmental Limits?