MA Theses 2007/08

Abay, Fatih Populism and Democracy: Threat or Justifiable Alternative to Liberal Democratic Thinkng?
Afandiyev, Musallim Political Economy of Oil: The Case of Azerbaijan
Arkilic, Ayca The Romani Mobilization in Turkey
Atak, Kivanc Between Subversive and Constructive Terrains of Political Action: Civil Disobedience and the Problem of Violence and Punishment
Bakhtyr, Anton Acession to the EU: The Cases of Turkey and Ukraine
Balík, Peter Role of Small States in International Organizations: The Case of Slovakia in the United Nations Security Council
Beganyan, Lilit Development and Institutionalization of Post-Communist Party System: Comparative Analysis of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan
Bianchi, Elena Fighting with Post-Totalitarian Ghosts: Civic Education and Good Citizenship in Slovakia
Biryukov, Vadim Clan's State Capture and Regime Durability in the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan
Bokor, Tomas Democracy and Human Development: Empirical Inquiry into Effects of Democracy on Wealth, Health and Education
Broadhead, Stearns Equalizing Equals: Deliberation, Liberalism, and the Sites of Politics
Cioroianu, Iulia-Madalina The Economic Effects of Political Institutions: Are Post-Communist Countries Different?
Darchiashvili, Mariam Transition of Georgian State Television into the Public Broadcaster
DeBartolo, Peter NYPD Protest Policing: An Analysis of Discourse, Dissent, and Redefinition
Dmitrishin, Alexander Shifting Equilibria of European Financial Integration: Explaining Continuities and Changes
Dragieva, Lina Political Corruption Practices in Bulgarian Post-Communist Executive Power: Case Study Analysis of Bulgaria
Egupova, Evgeniya The Issue of Private Property Restitution in the Interstate Relations: The Sudeten German Case
Ermatov, Guljigit The Impact of Electoral Reform on Neopatrimonial Regime in Kyrgyzstan
Gheorghiu, Laura Valeria Political Institutions for an EU Federal Constitutional Treaty
Ghuchashvili, David EU's Double Standard Approach to EU Membership Applicant Countries: A Comparative Case Study of Bulgaria and Turkey
Ivanchenko, Liudmyla The Problem of Medical Insurance in Transitional Countries: Lessons for Ukraine
Kazaz, Serhan Hegemony Mediated: The Roots of Militaristic Media Discourse in Turkey
Koroteyew, Dmitrij Youth Electoral Participation: Evidence from Poland
Lubenova, Emilia Financing Politics - A Comparative Analysis of Bulgaria and Hungary
Mamulaishvili, Davit Impact of Varying Sequencing of Post-Communist Economic Reforms on Construction of Democratic Societies in the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine
Mikeladze, Davit Russian-Speaking Population in the Baltic States: A "Fifth Column" or an Integral Part of the Local Society?
Naumoski, Nikola Should 'Fake News' Be Taken Seriously? The Impact of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Omuralieva, Munara Kyrgyz Leadership and Ethnopolitics Before and After the Tulip Revolution: The Changed Position of Ethnic Russians and Uzbeks
Papadimitriou, Eleni Cyprus: The "Experiment" of Politics
Placani, Adriana Political Theory and Minority Groups: An Assessment of Liberalism's Commitments
Pokrovskaya, Elena In Response to the Autonomy-Based Anarchist Challenge to Political Philosophy
Posa, Tiberiu Comparison of Hungarian and Romanian Elite Theories from 1990-2007
Rahmetov, Anvarjon The Kyrgyz Tulip Revolution: A Social Movement Theory Perspective
Reid, Arielle Towards an Understanding of Right-wing Extremist Violence
Sferlazza, Steven The United States in Conflict: A Comparative Study of Persian Gulf Conservatism and the American Foreign Policy Tradition
Shebaltseva, Aleksandra Is Russia a Constitutional Democracy? Checks and Balances in the Russian Constitutional System
Shuliankova, Iryna Contemporary Populism: Comparative Analysis of Belarus and Venezuela
Sutlovic, Leda Rawls, Feminist Criticism and Justice in the Family: Do We Really Need a Kitchen Police?
Turcu, Cristina The Impact of US Educational Programs on the Post-Communist Democratization Process In the Republic of Moldova Compared with Armenia
Vasilchenko, Polina Russia's Broadcast Media Structure: Ownership and (In-) dependence from the State
Zibareva, Svetlana Directing from Above: Political Censorship in the Russian Media