MA Theses 2006/07

Baricevic, Vedrana Constitutional Identity in the Socialist Yugoslavia and the Successor States: Did a Break with the Past Really Occur?
Baryla, Bartlomiej The Democratic Governance in the EU: Does the Direct Civic Participation in Science-based Policymaking Translate to the Higher Legitimacy of Legislation?
Brett, Tyler Spanish Constitutionalism. The Legitimization of the Spanish Constitution
Bunea, Adriana Civil Society as "Mushrooming" NGOs? Western Assistance and the Re-building of the Civic Sphere in Post-communist Romania and Poland
Chousein, Sule The Impact of Human Rights Reforms on the Consolidation of Democracy in Turkey
Dinic, Rastislav The Old Lie: Tamir and Macintyre on Nationalism and Dying for the Liberal State
Gavazov, Marin Why Welfare-to-Work Policies Aimed at Lone Mothers Were Drafted More Radical in the Netherlands than in the UK in the 1996-2001: In search for Answers
Hristov, Hristo Development of Post-communist Party Systems: Bulgaria and Romania in Comparative Perspective
Ibenskas, Raimondas The Impact of the Form of Government on Party System Institutionalization in Post-communist Europe
Jiglau, George Iulian A Comparative Study on the Formation and Success of Ethnic Parties in Post-communist States
Jijelava, David Understanding Transatlantic Relations: Realist and Constructivist Approaches
Kechaqmadze, Mikheil Anti-Revolution Strategy and Methods of the Post-Soviet Regimes
Lackovic, Stjepan Constitutional Patriotism as an Alternative to Nationalist Construction of Polity
Le, Jeffrey Driving without Mirrors - U.S. Foreign Policy in Post-9/11 Central Asia: Explanations from the Inside
Li, Elena Asylum Policies in the UK: The Underlying Reasons of Restrictiveness
Lleshi, Sokol Confronting the Burden of the Past through Fiction: A Subversive Narrative Against the Meta-narrative of Power
Manassarian, Isabella How European is Bulgaria? The Case of Party System and Politics
Manta, Razvan Fiscal Decentralization in Romania: Assessment of Recent Developments
Mátyási, József EMU-entry and Social Pacts in Central and Eastern Europe: The Cases of Poland and Hungary
Medzihorsky, Juraj A New Grey Zone: Intellectuals, Think Tanks, and Politics in Post-Communist Slovakia
Muresan, Ioana Playing the Game of Heating Systems. The Case of Romania
Nagorski, Wyatt The Quest for Leadership in Post-1989 Central Eastern Europe: Poland's Rise to the Middle
Okcuoglu, Dilan The Morality of Secession: A Normative Evaluation of the Kurdish Case in Turkey
Onuoha, Godwin The Role of States in Industrial Development: A Comparison of the Oil Industry in Nigeria and Brazil
Onyshkiv, Yuriy A Constructivist Approach to the Explanation of the Emergence of Russia's Near Abroad
Parfenova, Elena The Impact of Revolutions on Media Freedom in the Transition Countries: On the Example of Georgia and Kyrgyzstan
Podolyan, Olena The Role of Political Actors in Institutional Evolution during Constitution Making: The Case of Ukraine
Popadic, Petar Canadian Constitutionalism and the Meech Lake Accord
Pupovac, David Nonvoting in Serbia 2006-2007: The Constitutional Referendum and the Parliamentary Election
Radenovic, Marko Heresthetical Maneuvers and the Federalism Dimension in Recent US Supreme Court Cases
Reich, Orsolya The Liberal States and the Others
Rozhanovskaya, Nina Shift in Russian Position Towards the CIS Organization: Elite-Change Explanation of Policy Change
Scepanovic, Vera The Industrial Relations Trap: Labour Weakness in European Peripheries, Spain and Poland Compared
Selmeczi, Anna Biopolitics of Hunger. Understanding Contemporary World Hunger through the Concepts of Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben
Shlyk, Alexander Coalitions of Trade Unions and Social Movements in Poland: Towards Revitalization of Labor?
Solomon, Stephen Too Much Propaganda: Audience Perceptions of US vs. British Radio Broadcasts During the 1956 Revolution in Hungary
Stanescu, Ciprian Political and Social Sustainability of Consociational Governance in Northern Ireland
Stefanov, Daniel Political Effects of First Past the Post Electoral System in Divided Societies
Stojiljkovic, Ana Ethnic Lobbying in the US
Szalai, András Tempted by the Unreachable - Two-Level Model of US Behavior in the Kyoto Process -
Szekely, Istvan Gergo Ethnic Voting as Issue Voting? Non-participation and Crossover Voting among Ethnic Hungarians in Romania and Slovakia
Varga, Peter Transnational European Media: Overcoming National Barriers to European Publics
Vidu, Maria Limits in the Theory of Political Neutrality
Yaroshenko, Liubov The Impact of the European Union upon Democratization in Ukraine