MA Theses 2005/06

Alieva, Esen How Strong is the Opposition to European Integration in Central and Eastern Europe (2003-2005)
Badanjak, Sanja Explaining the Rise in Political Representation of Women: The Case of Croatia
Bagramyan, Kristina Diaspora - Enforced Identity: Construction of the Victim Identity in the Film "Ararat"
Balázs, Ádam The 'Great Hungary' Narrative - A Fictive Plot Within the Hungarian 20th Century
Brassil, Eric Consociationalism and Its Limits: A Case Study of Iraq's Constitutional Configuration
Ciobanu, Claudia Socially Constructed Scarcity on Lake Victoria, Tanzania
Clapsa, Dmitri Parliamentarism and its Drawbacks in the Transitional Context: The Case of Moldova
Dashnyam, Enkhnasan The Parliament of Mongolia in the 1992 Constitution: Origins and Effectiveness of the Parliamentary Model
Dmochowska, Maria Dividing Society: Political Cleavages in the Law and Justice Discourse (2001-2005)
Dornescu, Ioan The Relation Between Blogging and Mainstream Mass Media
Gherghina, Sergiu The Relationship between the Strength of Parliament and Party Development in Post-Communist Countries
Grdesic, Marko Transition, Labor and Political Elites in Slovenia and Croatia
Grigoryan, Armen The Democratization in Visegrad Four Countries and Their Constitutional Arrangements
Hramadtsou, Maksim Belarus: Socialism, Capitalism or ...? An Attempt of the Theoretical Categorization of the Belarusian Economic System
Ibrahim, Mohammed Sustaining Political and Economic Reform in Emerging Democracy: Lessons from Nigeria's Transition 1999-2005
Imerlishvili, Eka Preaching Politics from the TV Pulpit
Jancarik, Peter Understanding Democracy in the European Union: Democratic Deficit as a Powerful Myth?
Kartashyan, Adelina How the Moment of Reflection is Constituted
Lesay, Ivan Reforming Pensions in Central Europe: Path Dependence and Path Departure in the Pension Systems of Former Czechoslovakia
Madi Ulker, Ozlem The Rise of FDI Flows into Turkey (2002-2005): A Political-Economy Analysis
Mikayelyan, Liana The Impact of US Government Funded Organizations on Educational Development in Armenia
Molochko, Ivan Anti-corruption Initiatives in Russia and the United States: Parliamentary Sphere
Onyenze, Collins Ethno-Religious Conflicts And The Media: the Analysis of the Nigeria Situation
Pejcinova, Ana Afghanistan: Creation of a Warlord Democracy
Penkova, Angelina Technology and the State: Constructing E-Bulgaria
Polyakov, Konstantin The Paradox of Restrictive Monetary Policy in Russia in the 1990's
Prohnitchi, Elena Explaining Extreme Volatility in Moldova. A Test of Economic, Institutional and Structural Explanations.
Rudya, Alina The Advantages of Non-Violent Resistance: The Case of Pora
Semanova, Martina Liberal Challenge to Civil Disobedience: John Rawls versus Mahatma Gandhi and James M. Buchanan
Shvartzman, Zoya An Assault on U.S.-Promoted Neoliberal Democracy in Latin America and the U.S. Response: The Case of Venezuela
Sommad, Ismail Mobile Technology and Election Campaigns: SMS Campaigning in Palestine Elections (2005-2006)
Stoychev, Stoycho Types of Ethnic Minority Representation in Central and Eastern Europe
Stoycheva, Beloslava The Politics of Constructing the Bulgarian Female Officer: Contemporary Discourses about Women in the Bulgarian Military
Suciu, Ana-Maria Quality of Governance in Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union: A Matter of Culture, Institutions, or Wealth?
Taghiyev, Elgun Authoritarianism and Presidentialism in Post-Soviet Countries
Todor, Arpad Decentralization and State Capacity. Pathways for State Restructuring in Post-communist Societies.
Torres, Gonzalo The LGBT Media Movement in Transitions to Democracy. A Comparative Analysis of the Hungarian and Spanish Cases.
Valdre, Margus Securitization of the Contemporary World: NATO Security Discourses
Vankovych, Ulyana You Shall Conform, without Instruction as to What: Possibility of Autonomy for the Liberal Subject within Mass Culture
Viriasova, Inna Truth about Freedom: Definitions and Practices of Freedom in Liberal and Neo-Liberal Governmentality
Voicu, Alexandru The Party on the Ground in Romania