MA Theses 2003/04

Aladashvili, Elena Influence of Western Education on Rose Revolution in Georgia (November 23, 2003)
Amrullayev, Emin The Emergence and Survival of Secularization in an Islamic Society: The Case of Turkey
Bartosova, Beata Explanation of the Party System Consolidation of Slovak Republic: Comparison with Poland Hungary and the Czech Republic
Bekbolotov, Kumar On the Role of Media and Informal Politics in the Political Opposition Struggle in Kyrgyzstan
Bognar, Botond The Importance of the European Security Strategy through the Lens of Institutionalism
Braun, Daniel The Czech and Slovak Republics: Two Nations - Two Transition Paths?
Csak, Balazs Human Rights in the European Union: The Difficulties in Making a Consensus
Dadikyan, Lilit Semi-Presidentialism and Executive Legislative Relations: Comparative Analysis of Armenia, France and Russia
Dobreva, Alina Psychological and Communication Theories of Media Influence in the Context of Post-Communist Transition
Domnariu, Horia Cyber Social Activism. Zapatistas, Indymedia and the Internet.
Gousseva, Ioulia Banking System and Regulation in Russia: Problems and Potential Applicability of the US Regulatory Approaches
Guliyev, Farid Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Transition to Sultanistic Semi-Authoritarianism? An attempt at Conceptualization.
Gultom, Samuel Popular Movement and Democratic Struggle in Indonesia: A Case Study on the Reformasi Movement, 1998 - 1999
Horn, Daniel Do Small Settlement Schools Provide Education of Inferior Quality?
Horvath, Anna Extending the Policy Frame of Mainstreaming: The Case of the Roma
Jersovas, Mantas The Rise and Fall of the Oligarchs in Russia: The Changing Balance between the State and Social Groups
Kertai, Barbara Pop Culture Politics
Kesarchuk, Olga The Parties of Power in Russia and Ukraine: A Comparative Analysis
Kleinberga, Vineta European Social Policy: Why not a 'Double Movement' at the European Level?
Klymovych, Mariya Global Governance Institutions and the Global Problem Solving
Kollar, Eszter A Critical Approach to the Theory of Deliberative Democracy
Kudrna, Zdenek Getting the Institutions Right: Reforms and Banking Sectors in the Czech Republic and Romania
Lup, Oana The Impact of Social Networks on Individuals' Political Behavior. Do Social Networks Provide Effective Informational Shortcuts?
Meliksetyan, Elen Political Transformations in the Republic of Armenia from 1988 to 2003. Why Armenian Democracy is not Consolidated?
Meszmann, Tibor Protection of National Minorities by Their Kin-State. A Normative Frame and the Case of Hungary.
Mihalka, Cristina Minority Protection and Extraterritoriality: The Case of the Hungarian Status Law
Myyr, Reet Different Party Funding Systems: Estonia and Latvia
Nasirdinov, Taalai The Ambiguous Ideology of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Under the 'Managed Democracy' in Russia: The 2003 Duma Election
Nikitina, Yevheniya Choice of Gradual or Radical Strategy of Transition as the Result of Internal Balance of Power: Cases of Russia and Ukraine
Nyaluke, David Economic Reform in Tanzania: Theoretical Applicability of Eastern European Experience
Pak, Valeriy Economic Integration Processes in the CIS Region: Single Economic Space - Feasibility of A New Initiative
Palagnyuk, Yuliana Historical Path Dependency and Media Freedom: Poland and Ukraine in the 1990s
Popescu, Victoria-Mihaela Driving and Braking Actors of Enlargement: A States' and Institutional Comparative Approach
Rasell, Michael The Validity of the Post-Communist Concept. Mass and Elite Attitudes in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
Ruginyte, Dovile Popular Media and Cultural Democratization: The Role of Talk Shows and Reality Shows in Re-drawing the Boundaries between Public and Private in Lithuania
Sadris, Edgars Recruitment to High-risk Activism: The Case of January Barricades and Russian Minority in Latvia
Sevella, Juraj Role of Vladimir Me?iar's Political Leadership in Determining Path of Slovakia's Political Development in 1993-1998
Shapkina, Veta Individual in Social Reality: 'Traditional', Re-traditionalization and Individualization. What Challenges the Dominant Social Order in Uzbekistan?
Shevnina, Xenia Russia on Its Way to the WTO: A Bargaining Game Example
Sorokopud, Nina Comparative Analysis of Investment Policies of Hungary and Ukraine
Stojkova, Aleksandra The Process of Sustaining Democracy in Macedonia
Tabagari, Alexander Possibilities and Challenges of Developing Countries in Terms of Globalization: Unparalleled Growth and Inequality Increase
Uba, Christopher The Mass Media and Consolidation of Democracy in Nigerian Media
Vidmar, Ales European Union's Ideology: From a Good Idea to Poor Public Relations
Wahyuningroem, Sri The Discursive Practice of Women's Identity Politics in Indonesia