MA Theses 2002/03

Abesadze, David Transformation of Religious Movements: Turkey and Western Europe Compared
Bakiev, Azizbek Freedom of Religion in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan: Protecting Constitutional Order or Derogating Human Rights?
Bakule, Karlina The Theory of the Third Way: an Answer to the Challenges Posed by Reflexive Modernization and New Risk Society?
Begoyan, Anush Transportation of Caspian Oil and Regional Security: Securitisation of the Baku-Ceyhan Project
Caraciobanu, Alexandra Hungarian Higher Education in Romania: Academic Choices and Corresponding Prospects on the Labour Market
Chobanova, Yordanka Maastricht Monetary Convergence Criteria. The case of Bulgaria and Hungary.
Danilova, Maria Putin's Federal Reforms: Success or Failure?
Danyi, Endre Transforming Political Communication in Network Societies. From Digital Protesting to Viral Political Marketing.
Dimitrova, Spaska Journalistic Evidence, Historical Memory and Stereotypes of the Years of Socialism - The New Bulgarian Political Identity in Past Continuous
Fitzpatrick, Angela Exporting Democracy: An Evaluation of Democracy Assistance to Romania and its Effectiveness as an American Foreign Policy Tool
Gahramanova, Aytan Ethnic Mobilization and Political Opportunities
Ghica, Luciana Regional Intergovernmental Cooperation in Central and South Eastern Europe after 1989. The Question of Regional Identity.
Gorchakova, Olga The European Parliament 1979-1999: Addressing the Problem of Steady Decline in Turnout
Guliyev, Arar Special Interests Groups and American Foreign Policy in Azerbaijan in the 90s
Hakobyan, Diana The Strategies of the Catholic Church: Church and State Relations in Post-Communist Poland and Hungary
Jumabayeva, Madina Ethnicization of Collective (National) Identity: State Policy and Nation Building in Kazakhstan
Kerenyi, Szabina Formation of Green Parties: Western Patterns and the Case of Hungary
Khakimova, Tahmina Trafficking in Women from the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan: An Analyses of Current Policy and Recommendations
Klimov, Blagoy Geopolitics vs. Globalization in the Balkans: The New Rivalries in the Energy and Transport Sectors
Kristofik, Matus Body - Centered Subjectivity Liberating Feminist Movement
Maksymenko, Olga European Union's "Wider Europe - Neighborhood" Initiative: A Change in EU's Policy Towards Ukraine?
Minarik, Tamas Attitudes toward Regime in Hungary
Misleanu, Magdalena Romanian Roma's Attitude Towards the Collection and Use of Statistical Data on an Ethnic Basis. The Demand for Ethnic Data in Romania.
Nenadovic, Maja The Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 25: Origins and Impact on U.S. Policy towards Multilateral Peacekeeping Operations and Humanitarian Interventions
Omarov, Ruslan Present-Day NATO: Challenges and Perspectives
Pavlova, Anastasia Factors of State Capture in the Mid-1990s Russia
Radulescu, Adina Denise Electoral Defeat and Internal Party Conflicts. The Case of the Romanian Social Democratic Party (PDSR).
Raugze, Ilona Local Government- NGO Cooperation in the Provision of Public Services: Assessment of the Purchase-of-Services Contracting Mechanism in Latvia
Regent, Nikola Machiavelli: History and Greatness
Sheripkanova, Guljamal Political Capabilities of a Small State in Foreign Policy-Making: Case Study of Kyrgyzstan
Skripka, Tatiana Inconsistencies in the European Union's Democracy Promotion: The Case of the Chechen Military Conflict in Russia
Stanisheva, Maria The Success of a Maverick Party in Bulgaria: A Pattern for Consolidation?
Stefanov, Lyubomir The Union of Democratic Forces (1989-2001): The Road to a Christian Democratic Party
Stefuriuc, Irina Campaign Presidentialization and Personal Voting in Romania: A Longitudinal Analysis, 1995-2002
Szekely, Noemi Taylor's Communitarianism in Dialogue with Liberalism: in Search of Its Viability
Szuly, Kinga The Role of Local Governments in the Hungarian Privatization Process. Some Aspects of Property Management and the Case of Gas Service Utility Shares.
Uberi, Mariam Constitutional Justice and Politics: The Example of the Constitutional Court of Georgia
Vagi, Peter Institutional Setup of the Core Executive and the Communication Structure of the Hungarian Government: A Comparative Analysis of the Core Executive and the Communication Structure of the Hungarian Governments of 1998-2002 and 2002-til Date
Zueva, Tatiana Fragmentation of Russia's Party System