MA Theses 2000/01

Ailioaie, Sebastian The Road Ahead Towards Electronic Government in Romania
Bachvarova, Albena The Politics of Health Care Reform in Bulgaria
Becirevic, Edina The International Crimimal Court: Ideals and Reality
Bergeneva, Azhar Formation of Small Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Bobak, Katarzyna Electoral Campaign Financing in Poland (1989-2001)
Brisku, Adrian The Albanian Political Elite in Transition: 1990-2001
Cenker, Cerem Social Capital: Last Resort of the Lender? An Assessment of the World Bank's Recent Interest in Social Capital.
Dotzi, Eva The "Ideal Person": An Analytical Approach towards the Liberal Conception of the Self
Evgeniev, Evgeni Success and Failure of IMF Conditionality in Transition Economies: the Case of Bulgaria
Frunchak, Svitlana Intellectuals in Political and National Dissent. The Ukrainian "60-s movement": From Cultural Discontent to Political Struggle.
Gago, Tomas Slovakia in the Context of the Eastward EU Enlargement
Ganjourov, Dorji The Shape of Russia - China Relationship on National and Cross-Border Levels in the Period of 1992-1997
Ghazaryan, Yulia Multiculturalism: A Democratic Strategy for Promoting Social Integration in the Baltic States
Hadjililova, Katrin Types of Capital and Forms of Power in the University Field: The Case of Bulgaria
Huluban, Sebastian Domestic Sources of Post-Communist Foreign Policy. Institutional Analysis of Hungary and Romania.
Ismayilov, Ibrahim Nagorno - Karabakh: Ethnic Conflict or Geopolitics?
Janik, Zdenek Public Reason and Moral Disagreements
Jarenova, Lucie Manufacturing Dissent: A Revolution in Czech Public Television. How did the Television Revolution Contribute to the Consolidation of Democracy in the Czech Republic?
Kaljulate, Helen The Influence of Threat Perceptions on the Inclusiveness of Estonian Citizenship
Klinger, William The Charter of Carnaro: A Constitution for the "Free State of Fiume" (1920)
Kumin, Ferenc Baja On-Line. First Steps towards E-Democracy and E-Government in Hungary.
Kurucz, Erika Roma Education Policy in Hungary after the Political Transition
Kyoulevtcheliev, Nikolay Domestic Public Perceptions as a Factor in Foreign Policy Decision-Making: the Interplay between Bulgarian Government, Mass Media and Public Opinion in the Context of the Kosovo Crisis
Lackoi, Krisztina Cultural Relations as an Instrument of Hungarian Foreign Policy: A Case-Study of the Hungarian Cultural Centre
Lesovici, Roxana Cristina A Decade of Transition - What Accounts for Different Outcomes in Poland and Romania?
Lindi, Elo Transformation of Elite in a Small State: Case-Study of Estonia
Lingurar, Valeriu Reading Rawls Epistemologically: Implicit Ideas about the Power of Theory in Justice as Fairness
Lopatina, Natalia The European Security and Defence Policy in Theory and Practice
Maskaliunaite, Asta Aspects of Revolutionary Rhetoric: France (1792-1794) and Lithuania (1990-1992)
Mkhitarian, Anna Recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the United States and France
Muntean Daniel, Aurelian Trade Unions and Political Participation in East-Central Europe. A Cross-National and Longitudinal Comparison
Obydenkova, Anastassia Decentralization Reforms in the Post-Franco Period in Spain: Is Spain a Federation in the Making?
Onkhotoyev, Andrey Competitive Advantage: Regional Economic Policy
Pamperin, Nicholas E-Commerce and Regulation: The Case of Global Public Policy
Panaitescu, Stefania An Assessment of Romania's Prospects of Accession to the European Union
Platonova, Inna Energy Leverage: Russian Threat to Ukraine's Sovereignty?
Porchkhidze, Irakli Corruption: Danger within a Case of Georgia
Prunak, Mariya The President and the Government. Comparative Constitutional Analysis of the French Fifth Republic, the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) and Ukraine.
Railaite, Ausra Why Foreign Aid? A Case Study of Israel.
Rudecka, Inga Bicameralism in Post-Communist Constitutionalism. Case Study on the Polish Senate.
Salkin, Svetoslav A Model of Bureaucratic Corruption
Sireteanu, Mariana The Breakdown of Political Integrity of the Republic of Moldova: Factors and Process
Sokirianskaia, Ekaterina Explaining the Secessionist Conflict in Chechenya: A Theoretical Case-Study
Tang, Tanel Lessons from the Baltic Transition - Explaining the Estonian Success
Terzimehic, Leila Construction of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ethnic Identities According to the Structure of its Foundational Documents: The Case of the Missing Citizens
Toth, Peter Corporate Governance in Slovakia
Vargha, Orsolya The Enlargement of the European Union Facing Institutional Challenges
Zebrowski, Nikola Effects of NATO Accession on Poland's Bilateral Relation with Russia