MA Theses 1999/00

Aranyosi, Istvan The Myopically Rational Voter. Simple Learning Models for Resolving the Paradox of Voting.
Ass, Nataliya Foreign Investment Policy in Ukraine
Avxhiu, Sokol The Greek Minority in Albania and the Greek - Albanian Interstate Relations in 1990 - 1997.
Azarova, Aitalina Nationalism and State Control over the Mass Media: The Case of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Bejan, Adriana Romanian Privatization Programs: Why did they Fail?
Bustikova Siroky, Lenka The Structure Meets its Agency: A Critical Analysis of Theda Skocpol's States and Social Revolutions
Canham, Michael Post-Communist Central and Eastern European Health Care Systems in Transition: The Case of Hungary
Chachkhiani, Ketevan Russian and International Peacekeeping in the CIS (Case Studies of Georgia, Moldova and Tajikistan)
Cisar, Ondrej The Structure of Representation of Interests in the Political Field: The Case of Territorial Decentralization in the Czech Republic and Poland
Czurylowicz, Ivan The Conceptual Analysis of National Interest
Drike, Ilze Public Communication Campaign on the European Union in Latvia
Gogaj, Gent Caricaturing the Balkans: The American Political Cartoon and the Kosova War
Gogia, Giorgi Small States in World Politics - A Case of Georgia
Imamov, Yakub Opposition Political Parties and Movements in Central Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
Kaptar, Oleh Morality of Secession
Karsakova, Liia 1998 Currency Crisis in Russia: Explaining Policy Decisions
Khrystich, Kristina Foreign Trade Policy Analysis: Ukraine in Transition (1995-1999)
Kitzinger, David The Theory of Moral Panics
Kochanowicz, Joanna The Politics of Policy Process Health Care Reform in Hungary and Poland
Kroos, Karmo Why There Is So Little Reform in Higher Education: Dual Identity of Estonian Intellectuals
Lazar, Daniel The Politics of Financial System Reforms in Romania
Levchuk, Vitaliy Financial-Industrial Groups and the State in Russia: The Strongest Takes All?
Lyssenko, Galina The Major Obstacles to the Economic Integration Within the Commonwealth of Independent States
Miklos, Andras Liberal Nationalism and Liberal Multiculturalism
Mohammeddinov, Mikhail Mercosur and the Development of Integration in Latin America
Nedialkova, Hristina The Future of Democracy. No place for Optimism in Mancur Olson's Theory?
Ondracka, David Development and Ideological Moves of Center-Right Political Parties in Central Europe - Cases of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia
Oprunenco, Alexandru The Politics of Privatization in the Republic of Moldova
Piroska, Dora The Neo-Liberal Discourse and the Transitory State: The Case of the Hungarian and Bulgarian Banking Sectors
Reszketo, Petra How to Design a Responsive Regulatory Agency? A Theoretical Approach and the Practice in Hungary.
Sahakyan, Lusine The Armenian Party System
Sansyzbayeva, Dilyaram Kazakhstani Industrial Policy: Targets and Reality
Sevo, Nebojsa The Issue of the Autonomy of Vojvodina through the Prism of Media
Slavkovic, Irina The Kosovo War Coverage - Propaganda Shaped Images. The New York Times and Politika on the Kosovo Conflict.
Spassov, Ivan The Evolving Role of the Intellectuals in Bulgaria before and after 1989: Traditions, Social Context
Stanev, Ilin Rule Evasion as Source of Institutional Change: The Case with Bulgarian Privatization - 1994-1997
Stantchev, Damian Problems and Trends of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development in Transition: The Bulgarian Case
Sticka, Michal Heads of State in Parliamentary Democracies: A Constitutional Theory
Szalai, Judit Reason and the State in Spinoza's Political Works
Szasz, Elemer Georg Lukacs: Philosophy, Aesthetics and the Ideological Critique of Fascism
Tanyi, Attila Liberal Patriotism - Duties and Obligations in the Non-Ideal World
Turmanidze, Koba State Against the Invisible. The Case of Georgian Informal Economy.