MA Theses 1998/99

Abbott, Susan From Constitution Making to Rights Enumeration: A Post-Communist Perspective
Anderson, Todd Consolidating the Partition: Dayton, the Minority Return Process, and the End of Multi-Ethnicity in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Blese, Inga Intellectuals, National Identity, and Mass Media in Latvia: 1986-1991
Boulatcheva-Riaguzova, Tatiana The Internet and its Impact on the Future of Democracy in Russia and the Western World
Careja, Romana Ten Years After 1989: Political Participation in Romania
Cela, Taulant Vance-Owen Peace Plan for Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-93. A Security Dilemma or a Failure?
Dasovic, Josip Political Sophistication and Electoral Effects in a Post-Communist Setting: The Case of Croatia
Dervishi, Anxhela Political and Social Aspects of Albanian Privatization
Didenko, Roman Problems of Administrative Reform: The Case of Ukraine
Digol, Diana Chances and Perspectives of the Regional Security Community in Post-Cold War Europe
Dragomir, Delia Race Equality: How to Change Perspectives?
Fedotov, Dmitriy Hungarian Anti-Inflationary Policy
Gevorgyan, Marina The Role of Mass Media in Presidential Elections of 1996 and 1998 in Armenia
Goldun, Inessa Mass Media and Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine in March 1998
Gwiazda, Anna How will the Creation of a Single European Currency Influence International Monetary Regime?
Hairapetyan, Garik Caspian Oil and its Implication on the Regional Foreign Policy: The Case of Nagorno-Karabakh
Hambardzumyan, Andranik Can Armenia Have Democracy?
Ilieva, Marina Economic Reforms and Political Transformation in Hungary
Ivanov, Svetlozar Values in the Content of the Election Platforms of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the Union of Democratic Forces (1990-1997)
Kalnina, Liene Nationalism and its Changes: The Case of the Baltic States
Khachatryan, Ani Analysis of the Education Financing and Management Reform Project: Armenia
Kiss, Marian The Modern State and Civil Obligation of Military Service
Kondova, Galia Restructuring and Privatization of the Hungarian and Bulgarian Banking Sectors: a Comparative Analysis
Lemmik, Juhani Institutional Sources of Change: Administrative Reorganization in Estonia, 1995-1999
Lotuashvili, Ekaterina The First Internet War: Information Warfare in the Kosovo Crisis and its Central European Audience
Lungu, Ioana Nationalism, a Fatality? The Connection Between Nationalism and Institutional Framework.
Medley, Emily From Stalinism to Democratization: Life Strategies and the Changing Status of University Professors in Hungary
Momcilovic, Mladen Effectiveness of the UN 1992 Economic Sanctions Imposed on the FR Yugoslavia, 1992-1997
Nagy, Rita The Foreign Relations between the EU and Israel: The Middle East Peace Process
Niskota, Jozo The Importance of Investment Companies in the Croatian Privatisation and Post-Privatisation Period
Odushkin, Ostap Political Cleavages and their Translation into the Party System of Ukraine
Otgonnasan, Dorjzav Labour as a Factor Influencing the Continuity of the Korean Model of State-Societal Arrangements
Paljak, Piret East-Central European Electoral Systems
Petre, Otilia Delayed Transitions: Management of Time in Post-Communist Romania
Pukas, Serhiy On the Problem of Political Obligation
Rockenbauer, Nora Regional Administration Models in the EU and the Hungarian Regional Reform
Sata, Robert Education, Language Usage, and Interethnic Relations. Liberal and Illiberal Forms of Nationalism. Case Study: The Hungarian University in Romania.
Shidlovskaia, Lina Media and Electoral Campaigning: from the Soviet Union to Russia
Shynbatyrova, Yenlik UK Experience and Privatization in Kazakhstan (A Comparative Study between the UK Privatization Methods and the Reforms in Kazakhstan)
Sleahtici, Dumitru Co-operative Pan-Turkism as One of Main Directions of Turkish Foreign Policy and the Case of the Turkic Republics
Sobotka, Eva Defining the 'Ripe Moment' for Peace: the Role of Mediation in Northern Ireland Peace Process
Stefek, Ondrej Dual Television Broadcasting in Transitory Societies: The Case of Czech and Slovak Television Operators
Szalai-Szucs, Ildiko Nongovernmental Organizations and the State
Szepesi, Balazs The New Economic Geography and Its Implications for Regional Economic Policy