MA Theses 1997/98

Adeishvili, Irakli Aspects of Spatial Division of Power: Regionalism in European Constitutions
Armeanu, Oana Democratization in Post-Communist Countries: The Relevance of Democratization Theories Based on Latin American and South European Cases
Astapova, Natalia Participation in Elections in Transitional Ukraine
Benedek, Marton Autonomy and Efficiency: The Problematic of Building Sustainable Partnership between the Hungarian Voluntary and Public Sectors
Berari, Corneliu The Problem of European Integration on the Current Agenda of the Romanian Political Parties
Bernas, Arkadiusz Symbolic Aspects of Political Discourse in Hungary and Poland after 1989
Cosovanu, Laura Democratizing States Between Peace and War
Danics, Viktoria The Hungarian Pension Reform: How Could the Government Do It in 18 Months?
Davis, Ryan Ordem e Progresso: An Analysis of the Sources of Military Behavior in the Brazilian and Portuguese Revolutions
Deenitchin, Iassen The Political Economy of Appreciation and Exchange Rate Regime Shift in the Czech Republic: Winners and Losers of Exchange Rate Arrangements within the Mix of Economic Policies
Felfoldi, Zoltan Ideologies, Ideological Labels and the Hungarian Electorate
Ferholt, Sarah The Privatization of Public Housing Management, an Alternative Approach
Fesnic, Florin Nicolae Structural Determinants of Voting Behaviour in Romania
Forbrig, Joerg Civil Society and Consolidation of Democracy in East Central Europe
Gheaus, Anca General Will as Collective Rationality
Ghinea, Diana The Network Challenge to Post-Communist Democracies
Gosselin, Tania The Emergence of a New Generation of Hungarian Journalists, 1988-1998
Hennig, Maximilian Explaining Policy Decisions: The Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in Post-Communist Hungary
Hwangbo, Jane The Problem of Ethnic Membership in John Rawls' Liberal Ideologies
Ilirjani, Altin Multiparty Coalition Governments. An Analysis of Political Power Using the Power Indices and the Laver-Shepsle Portfolio Allocation Model in Turkey, 1995-98
Jafarov, Rasim The Anatomy of Currency Crisis and Collapses in Mexico, Uruguay and Chile in 80-90s
Jusic, Tarik Media as a Weapon (The Role of the Media in Ethnic Conflicts; Case Study: Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Koltchanov, Boris Nation-Building in Latvia: The Impact of Ethno-Nationalism
Kovacs, Edit NATO Expansion: Decision-Making in the United States
Kratchanova, Iva Protection of Refugees and Forced Migrants in the Russian Federation
Leps, Jakub From Eisenhower to Nixon: The Shift in the American Foreign Policy Toward China
Mamedov, Ilgar Political Economy of Post-Communist Transition in Azerbaijan (1995-1997)
McCaughey, Patrick State Sovereignty and National Territorial Integrity Versus Self-Determination: A Comparison Between Northern Ireland and Kosovo
Micu, Bogdan Opportunity Structure and Political Attitudes
Mikayelyan, Hasmik Democratic Consolidation in Armenia and the Role of Nationalism
Mikhailova, Maria Political and Economic Reasons for the Inflation Crisis in Bulgaria (June 1996 - February 1997)
Molteni, Lino Hungarian Nongovernmental Organizations - Partners or Competitors with the Government?
Noutcheva, Gergana Multilevel Governance in the European Union: Between Hierarchical Control and Horizontal Co-operation in Europe's Social Dimension
Papa Stubbs, Jasmina The 'Prague Group' of Film-Makers: Exploring Film and Politics in 1980s Yugoslavia
Pavlenko, Rostyslav The Influence of the Post-Communist Evolution of Power on the Position of Ukraine in the Creation of the European Security Structure
Pesek, Sanja Print Media Treatment of the Social Conflict Between the Serbian State Authorities and the Kosovar Ethnic Minority
Pruna, Raluca Alexandra The Obligation to Obey the Law and Civil Disobedience. Rawls and Dworkin
Purlys, Vidmantas Civil-Military Relations and Civilian Control over the Military: The Political Science Debate and the Changing Patterns in East-Central Europe
Radnoti, Balazs Comparative Analysis of Rival Strategies in the Hungarian Commercial Cooling Industry
Rosca, Claudia The Cost of Not Privatising: The Romanian Experience
Sarv, Margit Minorities and Democratisation of Media: Russophone Minority in Estonia
Sebek, Jiri Rights in Conflict: The Case of the Same-Sex Partnership Claims in the Czech Republic
Segizbayeva, Bayan The Evolution of the Concept of Minorities and Minority Rights in the United Nations' System
Serebryanaya, Olga The Pragmatic Axiomatics of Political Action in M. Mamardashvili's Metatheory of Consciousness
Shchukin, Yakov Political Trust in Russia
Smilova, Ruzja Between the Expressivist and the Modus Vivendi View of Political Order: The Case of Rawl's Contractarianism
Somlev, Ilian Importance, Development and Effect of Foreign Direct Investment in Bulgaria
Stefanova-Ivanova, Zornitsa The National Television and Its Effects on the Creation of Images of Politicians During the Political Crisis in Bulgaria in Early 1997
Svensson, Sara Fighting Discrimination in the Public and the Private Sphere Ombudsman Institutions against Discrimination: The Swedish and the Hungarian Model
Szep, Attila The Role of the World Bank in the Transition of Higher Education in Eastern Europe: Hungary
Vajda, Eva Changing Concept of the Public Sphere
Yuldashev, Rustam The Infulence of Small and Middle-size Businesses on Economic Success in