MA Theses 1996/97

Akov, Nedelcho Privatisation Process in Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland
Ananienko, Pavel Determinants of Chinese Foreign Trade Policy
Benesova, Stanislava Slovakia's "Active" Civil Society: A Paradox of Democratic Consolidation
Chelestov, Nikolai Contemporary Ideological Legitimation of Russian Authority
Chiritoui, Bogdan Why Do They Not Buy Us?
Cular, Goran The Dynamics of Political Institutionalization
Feduniak, Sergiy Ukraine's Foreign Policy in the Post-Soviet Space: Search for Security
Findor, Andrej History in the Process of the Construction of Slovak National Identity
Gajic, Zorana The Right to Education as a Social Right in the Post-Communist Constitutions
Hohots, Viktor Ukraine and Future European Security
Hudon, Catherine Political and Economic Cooperation in Central Europe
Ionascu, Alexei Russian Means of Influence and the Implications for the Transition in CIS Countries
Ionita, Sorin Parties and Party Systems in Eastern Europe
Iskakova, Jibek Islamic Threat in Central Asia: Illusion and Reality
Kasabov, Edward The Videnov's Privatisation - On the State and Interest Groups in the Economy
Kassab, Adib The Videnov 's Privatisation - On the State and Interest Groups in the Economy
Kazmierkiewicz, Piotr False Hopes, False Fears
Khachatrian, Shavarsh Ethics and Raison D'Etat in a Contemporary Realist Vision
Kipshidze, Otar The Shift in the Legal Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment in Georgia
Kovacs, Melinda Paperweight: Press Discourses in Hungary and the US
Kovacs, Nora The Anthropological Deconstruction of Hungarian Grave Posts as National Monuments
Letzgus, Svetlana Electoral Behaviour in Russia
Loukerenko, Kyrylo Probability of War Between Ukraine and Russia: Study in Negative Scenarios
Luarsabishvili, George The Monetary and Fiscal Consequences of the Stabilisation of Post-Communist Tarnsition
Masing, Priit Access to Government-Held Information: Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries
Matrai, Julianna Politics of Conflict and Cooperation Between the DAHR and other Romanian Parties
Melkonian, Tigran Interelite Conflicts in Armenia: 1990-1996
Nica, Bogdan The Structuration of Party Competition in Post-Communist Romania
Papuashvili, Giorgi Presidential Systems in Post-Soviet Countries: the Case of Georgia
Pavlovic, Dusan Rousseau's Theory of Sovereignty
Popescu, Marina Media Effects in Election Campaigns
Potchkaev, Nikolai The Post-Cold War International Relations in Europe: Conceptual Debate
Renwick, Alan The Role of Non-Elites in Democratic Transition: The Case of Hungary
Rezaev, Andrei Social Sciences in Russian Technical Institutions of Higher Education
Rogovskaia, Tatiana Intelligentsia as the Democratic Opposition in Russian Political Arena
Rybakov, Maxim The Concept of Compensation: Evaluation of Schemes of Redistribution
Severine, Igor Analysis of the Public Sphere and the State Interference into It from the Point of View of the Economic Theory
Soultanova, Gyulnara Common and Special Interests in Interethnic Relations
Spartesnyi, Yuri The Scrutiny of British Privatisation: The Politics of 1980's Conservative Reforms
Spirova, Maria Bulgarian Media and the Disintegration of Yugoslavia (1991-95)
Striungyte, Egle Changes in Trade Union Structures in Denmark: Towards 'The Bootstrapping Reform'?
Surkova, Marina Demonopolisation of the Economy in the Transition Period: The Case of Russia
Szilagyi-Gal, Mihaly Three Theories on the Relationship Between Government and Human Fallability
Utterback, Matthew Towards a Regional Analysis of the Foreign Direct Investment in CEE
Valkanov, Dessislav Phenomenology of Political Action
Vallo, Riina Liberalism, Nationalism and the Level-of-Analysis Problem in Moral Philosophy
Vincelette, Gallina The Case for a Currency Board in Bulgaria