2022/23 Departmental Seminars

July 5, 2023



Apr 5, 2023


Department Meeting

Apr 12, 2023


PERG Seminar: Vladimir Gel'man, University of Helsinki

Apr 19, 2023


Department Seminar, Manuel Bosancianu, Three Facets of Political Inequality: Evidence from Consultative Processes in Kampala

May 2, 2023


Department Meeting

May 3, 2023


Department Seminar: Christian Schemmel, (Minimum) Wages, Recognition, and Economic Citizenship

May 10, 2023


Probationary Doctoral Candidates Presentations, Comparative Politics Track

May 24, 2023


Department Seminar: Marcus Kreuzer, (Villanova University, USA, Visiting Faculty CEU)

May 31, 2023


Probationary Doctoral Candidates Presentations, Comparative and International Political Economy Track

Jan 11, 2023 B-505 Departmental Meeting
Jan 18, 2023 B-421 Department Seminar, Rune SlothuusDo Political Parties Do Anything Good to Public Opinion?
Feb 1, 2023 B-421 Department Meeting
Feb 8, 2023 B-421 Department Seminar, Bruno Castanho SilvaGendered Communication and Women's Political Careers in 24 Democracies
Feb 22, 2023 B-421 Department Seminar, Stephanie Zonszein, University of California, BerkeleyTurn On, Tune In, Turn Out: Ethnic Radio and Immigrants’ Political Engagement
February 28, 2023 B-511 Department Meeting
March 8, 2023 B-421 Department Seminar, Magnus Schoeller, The Leadership Gap: Germany’s Self-Conception and the Persistency of its Euro-Policy
March 15, 2023 B-421 Department Seminar, Lisa HerzogBeyond words: Democratic practices and the epistemologies of the oppressed
March 29, 2023 C-207 Department Seminar, Anca Gheaus, Parental Partiality in Unjust Circumstances: Inheritance as Insurance
Date Venue Department Seminar Name & Title
Sept 28 B-505 Department Seminar; Ida Hjermitslev, University of Vienna "Compromise and Trade-offs on Salient Policy Issues"
Oct 5 B-505 Department Meeting
Oct 19 B-505 Department Seminar; Julia Schulte-Cloos, 
European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Nov 2 B-505 Department Meeting
Nov 9 B-505   Department Seminar; Alexander Bor, Democracy Institute CEU "Prejudice Against the Unvaccinated During the COVID-19 Pandemic"
Nov 16 B-505   Department Seminar; Arieda Muco, CEU "The Xerox Effect: Communication Technologies and Political Actions in Autocracy"
Nov 23 B-505   Department Seminar; Lukas Meyer, University of Graz, "Individual (political) responsibility for climate change"
Nov 30 D-001   Department Meeting
Dec 7 B-505  Department Seminar; Alina Nychyk, Ukraine vis-à-vis Russia and the EU in 2014 and 2022: lessons (un)learned