Ivan Vukovic (PhD '14)

December 13, 2019

Mayor of Podgorica, Montenegro 

"In July 2018, age 33, I became the youngest mayor of a capital city in Europe. Serving the local community and ‘my own’ people has been  a privilege of which I could only hope that I’m worthy. Still, formative and by far the most beautiful time of my life is related to my CEU years. In Budapest, at Nador 9, I experienced academic excellence, met some of the most intelligent and morally superior people that I know, tested my work ethics against the physical and mental limits, got fully prepared for the upcoming professional challenges including teaching at George Washington University and governing the biggest city in my country... and met the love of my life. In a word, Central European University has been a life-changing experience. For me and my fellow peers, it was Budapest experience. For future generations, it will be Viennese. Yet, no matter where, CEU will always be a place where people are made better, in every possible way. Just what the world needs." 

P.c.: Anadolija