Chirayu Thakkar (MA '19)

December 11, 2019

Manager to a Member of Parliament in India

"I am Chirayu Thakkar, a recent graduate from the CEU Political Science Department. Before coming to CEU, I read a master’s degree in Modern South Asian Studies at the University of Oxford. Currently, I am working as a manager to a Member of Parliament in India, looking after his administrative, political, and legislative affairs. I am also working as a consultant for various regional governments and NGOs that design projects aimed at bringing youth closer to governance.

My time at CEU was a transformative one that exposed me to the world of politics in a much more historical, comparative, and analytical manner. In the debates within the classroom and afterward, during my specialization in Electoral studies, we debated the nexus between elections and political activities in regions around the world lending invaluable insights that I carried along. Given the highly international orientation of CEU as a university, those experiences were far enriching. My initial decision to apply at the department was, however, based on the publications and expertise of the faculty, and I must say the overall teaching far exceeded my expectations."

CEU would remain a critical juncture in my journey, and I strongly suggest potential applicants considering this venue as a potential graduate destination.