14th ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques launched with 400 participants

August 5, 2019

14th ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques launched on July 26 with almost 400 participants from various universities whose aim is to develop their skills as a researcher.

The local organizers, Carsten Q. Schneider and Robert Sata, as well as the Academic Convenors, Benoit Rihoux, Levente Littvay and Derek Beach, are delighted that CEU Budapest has the opportunity to hosts the event this year too.

Besides the impressive course offering of the Methods School, the organizers initiated some novelty too. Each week started with a Methods Cafe in an informal setting and more intensive advanced workshops were also launched.

Many, many CEU professors, alumni, MA and PhD students take part in the Summer School as instructors, teaching assistants and student assistants too.

We hope that the participants enjoy the training and as Carsten Schneider put it, „[o]ne very important aspect of our Methods School is the networks forged among participants.”

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