FAQ on CEU Vienna

April 25, 2019

Our new Vienna home is a 6-story building in Favoriten, right at the heart of Vienna’s fabulously vibrant 10th District, one of the city’s most diverse locales. Following an ambitious multimillion euro refurbishment, the doors of 51 Quellenstrasse will open to incoming CEU students in fall 2019.

A collaborative working and learning environment, it will be home to CEU Vienna – an academic community of students, faculty and staff in what is one of the world’s great university cities – for the next 5 years, until we move into our permanent Vienna home. As such, it will represent not only a continuation of CEU’s world-class teaching and research but open up new collaborations, academic partnerships, opportunities for internships and more with our neighbors in Vienna and beyond.

Welcome to CEU Vienna.

More info: https://www.ceu.edu/future-faq