New Articles on Case-Based Research on Democratization & Relationship between Consensus Democracy and Domestic Terrorism by Matthijs Bogaards

January 28, 2019

Our faculty member Matthijs Bogaards's two new articles have been published on Taylor & Francis Online.

The publication "Case-based research on democratization" appeared in the journal Democratization of Taylor & Francis Online:

The article analyzes qualitative case-based research on democratization, and finds that there is much to gain from closer collaboration between methods experts and empirical researchers of democratization.

The other piece can be read in the journal Studies in Conflict & Terrorism on Taylor & Francis Online: "Kinder, Gentler, Safer? A Re-Examination of the Relationship between Consensus Democracy and Domestic Terrorism"

In this article, he re-examines Arend Lijphart and Matt Qvortrup's claim that consensus democracies are less likely to experience deadly domestic terrorism and when they do, they suffer fewer fatalities than majoritarian democracies. It argues that the underlying grievance theory of terrorism contains important gaps and that the statistical results are based on a problematic coding of cases and lack robustness.