Winners of the 2017/18 Alumni Fund Scholarship Award

June 18, 2018

It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of our PolSci Alumni Fund Scholarship for 2017/18. Our departmental committee joined by alumni had a difficult time in selecting the winners.Let us congratulate all applicants, each of them came up with very innovative and engaging ideas on how to promote the department and our recruitment efforts.

Given the very good applications, the department has decided to split the award. This year’s winner is Boris Lipovina and the runner up is Benedict Stefani, both from our two-year program.

Let us once again express gratitude to our generous alumni members as this award is only possible because of their donations. Congratulations to the winners and we hope to have an even more difficult role in deciding the winners of next year.

"I have decided to apply for the 2-year MA in Political Science at the CEU after carefully examining what the Department of Political Science could offer to its students and what impact that could have on my future career. Compared to the mostly theory-based undergraduate International Relations, the MA in Political Science at the CEU has proven to be a unique and refreshing experience. Having gained new practical skills, especially in quantitative methods, I am even more confident in pursuing my future goals. However, the path I have gone so far would be hard to imagine without full dedication and understanding demonstrated by both the faculty and the staff working at the Department. The time spent in Budapest has shown that being at the CEU is more than just an academic experience. Meeting new people, learning about new cultures and knowing that there is always much more to learn not only about others but about yourself too is what makes this place special."
/Boris Lipovina/

"In essence, studying Political Science at CEU means getting involved and improving everyday both academically and personally. The professors who teach us, some of them leading in their field, manage to not only transfer their knowledge but also to get us engaged in thinking critically well beyond the classroom about what we read in the literature and observe in our daily lives. This is especially powerful for progressing in the subject in conjunction with my peers’ passion to explore the field which pushes each of us to his or her best. At our department, the relationship between the small number of students and faculty members is friendly and constructive. Being interested in conducting research, I was given the opportunity to join two research projects and thereby confirm my career interests. From the extensive amount of extra-curricular events the university offers in its venues, including talks with highly distinct scholars, my favourite ones are the classical music concerts. Students run a lot of activities themselves, I personally very much enjoy engaging in our Debate Club and playing football with my friends from around the globe. My first year has enormously pushed my boundaries and I cannot wait for the second one."
/Benedict Stefani/