Top 10 Application Tips

Need help with your CEU application? 
Check our useful tips below to make sure you don’t miss anything:

1. Go through the Application Checklist, guiding you through the entire application process. Want to hear what our students have to say? Watch our latest video.

2. Click here for more insights into how to write a powerful research proposal, impress with your statement of purpose and make your application stand out.

3. Double-check our website to make sure you’ve uploaded both the general and program-specific admissions documents required.

4. Your recommenders have one week to upload their recommendations after you have submitted your application and have paid the application fee. For example, if you apply on February 1, they have until February 7 to send their reference. Please note, however, that programs may start the evaluation process in the meantime, so it's a good idea to remind your referees to submit their references as soon as possible after February 1. You can track the status of your references via the Applicant Portal

5. Don’t have your final transcripts and diploma at hand yet? Don’t worry. We can accept an interim transcript and certificate of enrollment from your university but we will ask for an official hard copy before you enroll. The translation of your transcript and diploma, however, must be official.

6. Make sure you pay the application fee of EUR 30. This fee cannot be waived but the good news is that you only have to pay it once, no matter how many programs you’re applying for (up to five).

7. Applying for a scholarship? Remember to submit your academic application by February 1, 2023 (23:59, Central European Time).

8. Don’t forget that your application must be complete with the required language and program-specific test scores.

9. Have technical difficulties filling out your application? Check our FAQ section for possible solutions or reach out to us at

10. Remember to press the ‘Submit’ button as the last step, and then pay the application fee. Once you have done these, you can’t edit the form anymore and your application is on its way to us!

Have you submitted your application? Congrats! Check what happens next and track the status of your application in your Applicant Portal.

Watch our webinar "Why and how to apply to CEU Political Science Department".

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