Political Science Department Seminars and Doctoral Seminars

The Department of Political Science is proud to present the annual sequence of departmental seminars and doctoral seminars. The seminars provide the occasion for faculty, and advanced, and first-year PhD students to present their work.

Seminars and meetings are usually held at 13:30 - 15:10 on Wednesdays in the Academic Year 2023/2024. For livestream link please register here.

Date Venue Speaker Institution Title
20-Sep-23 C-419 Gabor Simonovits Central European University Democratic Regulation of Substance Use
4-Oct-23 C-419 Adam Havas University of Barcelona “Swinging” Cultural Difference in East-Central Europe:
 Political Transformations through the Lenses of Jazz and Improvised Music
15-Nov-23 C-419 Nils Wiedmann Universität Konstanz Transparent Two-level Classification for Complex Scenes: Coding Political Protest from Images
22-Nov-23 C-419 Endre Sik Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest The Hungarian version of de-democatization - the operation of the moral panic button (MPB) in an informational autocracy (IA)
29-Nov-23 C-419 Drew Dimmery University of Vienna Social Science without Generalization?
6-Dec-23 D-002 Mary Kaldor London School of Economics Perpetual Peace or Perpetual War? The Social Shaping of World Order





Andrew March

Fernando Casal Bertoa

University of Massachusetts

University of Nottingham

Book talk: On Muslim Democracy: Essays and Dialogues

Does the Type of Regime Really Matter? Institutional Design, Presidential Elections and Party System Closure in Asia 





Eszter Kovats

Emanuela Ceva

University of Vienna

University of Geneva

An Illiberal Left? Assessing Current Anti-Pluralist Political Practices in the West

Engineering Political Concepts

13-Mar-24 B-511 Antoinette Scherz University of Stockholm How Should the EU Respond to Democratic Backsliding?
20-Mar-24 B-511 Christopher Wratil University of Vienna Citizens’ Preferences for Multidimensional Representation





Nicole Bolleyer

Michael Bernhard

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München

University of Florida

Right-wing Populism, Crisis Exposure and the Restrictiveness of Civil Society Regulation in Europe


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