Political Science Department Seminars and Doctoral Seminars

The Department of Political Science is proud to present the annual sequence of departmental seminars and doctoral seminars. The seminars provide the occasion for faculty, advanced, and first year PhD students to present their work.

Seminars and meetings are always held at 1:30 - 15:10 pm on Wednesdays in the Academic Year 2020/2021. For live-stream link please register at https://bit.ly/30f1cFy

DateDepartment Seminar Name & Title
Apr 7Department Meeting
Apr 14Presentation by PhD Candidate: Eszter Farkas - Compliance behavior and norm enforcement during the COVID-19 pandemic – Comparative analysis of five European countries
Apr 20Andras Bozoki (CEU) and Agnes Simon (Masaryk University): Rolling Stones: Dissident Intellectuals in Politics
Apr 21Anil Duman (CEU): Closing the gaps: the positive effects of welfare inclusion on immigrants’ labor market integration *** co-organized with Political Economy Research Group (PERG)
Apr 28Alex Blackman (Cornell University)
May 5Department Meeting
May 12

Presentations by 1st year PhD students in the Political Economy and Comparative Politics tracks

May 19

Presentations by 1st year PhD students in the Political Theory track

Jun 10

Department Meeting

DateDepartment Seminar Name & Title
Jan 13Department Meeting
Feb 3Department Meeting
Feb 17Avital Livny (University of Illinois): Trust and the Islamic Advantage: religious-based Movements in Turkey and the Muslim World *** starts at 17.30 CET
Feb 24Monika Mühlböck (Universitaet Mannheim): Coping With Uncertainty in Representative Democracy
Mar 3Sylvia Kritzinger (University of Vienna): Who would vote NOTA? Explaining a ‘None Of The Above’ choice in eight countries
Mar 10-12Department Meeting / Thesis Writing Workshop
Mar 24Andy Guess (Princeton): Does Social Influence Shape Online Political Expression? *** starts at 15.30 CET
Mar 31Mariyana Angelova (CEU): Intra-Cabinet Conflict - a Heuristic for Government Policy Responsibility

DateDepartment Seminar Name & Title
Sep 30Alexander Bor (Aarhus University): Fact-checking videos reduce belief in but not the sharing of fake news on Twitter
Oct 7Department Meeting
Oct 14Gabor Simonovits (CEU): Can civil rights organizations deter discrimination?
Oct 21Markus Wagner (University of Vienna): Affective polarization across parties: Why do people dislike some parties more than others?
Oct 28Diana O'Brien (Rice University): Man Enough for the Job? Women as Leaders, Policy-Makers, and Awards and Symbols in the Inner Cabinet. *** starts at 17:20
Nov 4Department Meeting
Nov 11Arturas Rozenas (NYU): Fighting for Tyranny: How State Repression Shapes Military Performance
Nov 18Carolina Plescia (University of Vienna): Compromising for worldly rewards? The short-term consequences of coalition agreements on voters
Nov 25Milan Svolik (Yale): Voting Against Autocracy
Dec 2Department Meeting
Dec 9Michael Dorsch (CEU): History, trust in institutions, and behavior
Dec 16Elias Dinas (EUI): The Normalization of Stigmatized Symbols

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