PhD Dissertations 2014

The Dynamics of Polish Patriotism after 1989: Concepts, Debates, Identities

by Dorota Szeligowska
Supervisor: Lea Sgier 
Defended: December 18, 2014

Competition Between Minority Ethnic Parties in Post-conflict Countries: Performance of Minority Parties in Croatia and Macedonia
by Dane Taleski
Supervisor: Andras Bozoki 
Defended: November 14, 2014

All Together Alone: On Moral Responsibility for Collective Wrongdoing
by Stearns Broadhead
Supervisor: Nenad Dimitrijevic
Defended: 16 October 2014

Neurality with Perfection: the Convergence Thesis
by Eldar Sarajlic
Supervisor: Janos Kis
Defended: 24 June 2014

“Mindset Matters" Understanding Prime Ministers' Performance in Central and Eastern Europe
by Bojana Kocijan
Supervisor: Andras Bozoki  
Defended: June 20, 2014

Property Owning Democracy, Socialism and Justice: Rawlsian and Marxist Perspectives on the Content of Social Justice
by Valentin Stoian
Supervisor: Janos Kis
Defended: 19 June 2014

Party Outcomes in Hybrid Regimes in the Western Balkans and Beyond
by Ivan Vukovic
Supervisor: Zsolt Enyedi
Defended: 18 June 2014

Russian Foreign Policy and Outward Foreign Direct Investments: Cooperation, Subordination, or Disengagement?
by Sanja Tepavcevic
Supervisor:Bela Greskovits
Defended: 17 June 2014

Dynamics of Party Politics, Electoral Competition and Cooperation within the Hungarian Minorities of Romania, Serbia and Slovakia
by Szekely Istvan Gergo
Supervisor: Zsolt Enyedi
Defended: 11 June 2014

Censorship Between Ambiguity and Effectiveness: Rules, Trust and Informal Practices in Romania (1949-1989)
by Agnes Kiss
Supervisor: Matteo Fumagalli
Defended: 10 June 2014