PhD Dissertations 2007

Some Political Economy Insights to Multi-Level Government Financing Mechanisms in Hungary

by Judit Kalman
Defense Committee: Attila Fölsz, CEU; Linda Goncalves Veiga, University of Minho, Portugal; Tamás Meszerics, CEU; Violetta Zentai, CPS, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 28 November 2007.

Political Economy of Public Development Activities
by Balazs Szepesi
Defense Committee: Attila Fölsz, CEU; Gábor Virág, University of Rochester, US; Anil Duman, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 8 November 2007.

Policy Change, Growth and Converegence Processes. The Experience of the CEE-10 Countries during EU Accession Negotiations
by Daniel Pop
Defense Committee: Attila Fölsz, CEU; András Blahó, Corvinus University, László Csaba, IRES, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 29 October 2007

International Tax Competition in Europe: The Case of Transport Fuel Excises
by Laszlo Paizs
Defense Committee: Tamás Meszerics, CEU; Péter Kaderják, Corvinus University, Gábor Kézdi, Economics Dept., CEU supervisor.
Defended: 15 October 2007.

A Long Term Terrorist Campaign and Political Discourse: The Role of ETA in Spanish Politics
by Asta Maskaliunaite
Defense Committee: Paul Roe, IRES, CEU; Josetxu Martinez Montoya, University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain; Carol Harrington, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 7 September 2007.

Compulsory Consensus? The Sources of Elite Political Culture and the Consolidation of Central and East European Democracies
by Maximilian Spinner
Defense Committee: Sorina Soare, Free University of Brussels, Belgium ; Jurg Steiner, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US; Zsolt Enyedi, CEU; Andras Bozoki, CEU supervisor.
Defended: 12 April 2007.