Zsolt Kapelner

Visiting Faculty

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Zsolt Kapelner currently finalizes his PhD in Philosophy (Political Theory) at CEU. He holds an MA degree in Philosophy from CEU and a BA in Philosophy from ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary. In 2021 he held the Global Teaching Fellowship of CEU at ELTE. He was chair of the Political, Legal, and Moral Philosophy Research Group (POLEMO) at CEU in AY 2019/2020. He received the Award for Advanced Doctoral Students at CEU in 2020 and won the 2019 Res Publica Postgraduate Essay Prize. His main area of specialization is democratic theory, but he also worked on structural injustice, immigration, and theories of political resistance, and he has a background in critical theory as well. He has published in Social Theory and Practice, Ethics and Global Politics, and Res Publica and also authored numerous non-academic pieces in various outlets in English and Hungarian.