One-year MA Program in Political Science

Program Description

Sample Study Plan AY 2023-2024 - One-year MA Program in Political Science

Each year the Department admits about 40 students to its One-year MA Program. 

Courses generally earn two credits, students are required to earn 24 course credits for the Austrian and US-accredited degree. Students are required to take the Academic Writing and Scope and Methods courses, two-two credits each, too.

The mandatory courses offered cover the analytical and empirical foundations of the MA program. The core courses are organized in four groups:

  • Social and Political Theory (2 credits)
  • Political Economy (2 credits)
  • Comparative Politics (2 credits)
  • Research Methodology (2 credits of mandatory + 2 credits of mandatory elective courses)

Exemption from the requirement of taking a mandatory course can be granted to those who have already studied the given subjects. The claimant should pass a written test on the basics of the subject. If the exemption is accorded, the student is free to ignore the mandatory course in question and choose any two-credit course instead.

Students must specialize in a field of their choice. The choice of Specialization is mandatory for all students. Students earn six credits in courses related to the specific field in question; and students must write their MA thesis on a topic related to this field of specialization.

Besides the MA courses offered by the Political Science Department, students can choose among MA courses offered by other CEU departments and programs, provided that those courses are cross-listed with the Political Science Department. MA students are allowed to take one course per academic year from Political Science PhD courses.

Students have to submit and defend an approx. 12,000 words MA thesis, worth 6 credits. Please see the 2023/24 Deadlines for the Submission of MA Theses.

You can browse the Student Handbook for One-year MA Program which includes the most important degree requirements, the program structure, and the most important policies thay govern the studies of MA students.

You can download the departmental presentation from here.