Newsletter - January, 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

Only two weeks are left to apply for scholarships in our Political Science programs at CEU. Our surveys of past applicants showed that most of them decided to apply because of what they had heard from you. Thus, you seem to be excellent ambassadors for the Department, and we hope to return the favor by raising the prestige of your diploma by educating ever more promising students, hopefully in ever better ways. I am turning to you with a kind request that please raise the attention of students who might be interested in pursuing studies in Political Science in a truly international environment. 

If you know anybody who you think may be interested in our BA, MA or PhD programs:

** please forward them the attached call and brochure; or
** share our social media posts on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram, perhaps adding a short personal remark; or
** direct interested applicants to our student ambassadors for first-hand experience.

The next application deadline is January 30, 2020. 

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you in advance, your help is very much appreciated!
Best wishes,
Zoltan Miklosi
Head of Department
CEU Department of Political Science

As a tradition, I would like you to ‘meet’ again one of your faculty members – this time Nenad Dimitrijevic sends you his personal message whom will retire next year but whose expertise, devotion and helpfulness will be tremendously missed at the Department.

"Dear Alumni,

Happy New Year! On behalf of your Department, I wish you health, professional success and, not the least, lots of love.

We know that you have closely followed the events around CEU in the last couple of years. Many of you provided priceless contribution to our struggle for academic freedom, for which we remain deeply grateful. You probably do not even realize how much your support has meant to us. Rather than part of our history, you are with us here and now, as true members of the CEU Political Science Department community.

You will also know that we spent the Fall semester 2019/2020 in Vienna. This was the first step of a tremendous change. While CEU remains committed to preserve some form of presence in Budapest, in the fall of 2020 all our students and all your teachers will find a new home in the colorful tenth district of Vienna. Look for a glass and steel building with letters “CEU” on its top and many smiling faces in front of its door.

Our first Vienna experience was both challenging and encouraging. Sure, the premises there are not comparable to our beautiful Budapest campus. Travelling weekly, living in hotels, not having proper offices, was not always easy. Still, the positives prevailed easily. As ever, students were committed and enthusiastic, demanding only the best from us. We like to think that the quality of our classes never suffered because of the circumstances. Besides, from the day one, we felt warmly welcomed in the Austrian capital. Austrian government, city of Vienna, academic institutions, and many distinguished individuals, all extended greetings to CEU and provided indispensable assistance. This friendly environment will certainly make our transition easier – we do not feel as strangers in Vienna.

Now, in Winter semester of 2019/2020, we are back to Budapest. Most probably, this will be our last semester in this beautiful city, at least when it comes to teaching. Yes, we are sad, we won't hide it from you. But we remain committed to our mission, and our resolve to provide high-quality education is higher than ever.

At the moment, we are focused on the recruitment process for the 2020/2021 academic year. We realize that people who watched recent CEU events from afar might be confused. Many of the potential applicants are apparently not sure whether CEU will survive the move to another state, whether it will be able to preserve its famed high scholarly standards, or whether and how it will keep its identity in a different political and cultural context. This is where we would like to solicit your help. We would truly appreciate if you could spread a good and assuring word about your alma mater. There are many ways to do that. Rather than listing them here, I kindly encourage you to contact your Department ( and enquire about different ways in which you could contribute to our recruitment campaign.

The future of CEU and your Department is safe. Once the dust settles, This School will transpire stronger and better than ever.

Counting on your help,
With kind regards,
Nenad Dimitrijevic"

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