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MA Theses 2020/21

One-year MA in Political Science

ALAJLOUNI, LAITH "Loyalty vs. Voice:" What explains the divergent attitudes of the business elite toward democratization? The Case of Jordan
ALI, HUFSA Role of Social Media in Political Polarization in Pakistan
AZIZI, HAMID Does the End Justify the Means? An Assessment of ISIL's Justification of Violence through the Lens of Just War Theory
BARBIERI, ANDREA Activating Populism: How Negative Emotions Increase Populist Attitudes
BRAGA, CEZAR "We Are Facing a Grave Threat": Fujimorismo as a Case Study of Inclusionary and Exclusionary Populism in Latin America
DE LA CRUZ, MARY JOCELYN RAMOS Beyond Mediation Borders: A Comparative Case Study of Labor Disputes in the Philippines
ELKAMASH, ROLA Gender Sensitivity in Truth Commissions: Women and Inclusive "Truths" in Tunisia's Truth and Dignity Commission
FAIN, EGOR Vote-Buying Activities: the Case of the Communist Party in Russia
KULISH, DARIA STANISLAVIVNA Transparency for Accountability: The Effect of Digital Transparency on Government Accountability in Hybrid Regimes of Eastern Europe
MOLNAR, ANNA Cultural Policy in a Changing Regime. Characteristics of the Hungarian cultural policy leading up to the post-communist transition
ÖZKARACA, MUHAMMET Secularism as an Antidote to Religious Terrorism: The Case of Turkey
PAVKOVIC, MILOS PERICA Elections in the Age of Pandemic: How Government Parties Score in the Times of COVID-19?
PÚLLOVÁ, KAROLINA Analyzing Patterns of Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe
RAHMAN, NAVEED MUSTAHID Higher Education as Self-Realization - An Intrinsic Argument for the Public Funding of Higher Education
RUSSO RIVA, MARIA PAULA Why Do Women Vote For Far Right-Wing Candidates? The Case Of The 2018 Presidential Elections In Brazil
SANGKAEW, THITIKORN Political Party Finance Reform and the Rise of Dominant Party in Emerging Democracies: A Case Study of Thailand
SMIRNOV, IVAN Visegrad 4 States and Russian Gas Dilemma: Between Politics and Commercial Interests of Energy Companies
SOBOLEVA, ANASTASIIA When Is Power-Sharing Not Enough? Military Inclusion and Coup-Conflict Link
TINDALL, THEO Identities and Their Discontents: YouTube as a Platform for Political Opposition in Contemporary Russia
TRAN, LINH HANH Determinants of Foreign Policy Preference in the South China Sea Dispute: A Survey Experiment in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam
TURKOGLU, ATA Climate Justice: Principles of Burden-Sharing with an Integrationist Account
VAN DER VEEN, OLAF JESSE Political Polarisation Compared: Creating a Comprehensive Index of Political Polarisation
VARHEGYI, PETRA Public Perception Of The EU's Crisis Management Performance: The Case Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Two-year MA in Political Science

DURGALA, VLADIMIR Do People Listen To The Media And Greta?
HRADICKY, JAN Explaining Diverging Paths: Democratic Backsliding in the Context of Democratic Inoculation in Central Europe
KOPTLEUOV, DAUREN Moving Past the Ideology: How Do Violence and Popularity of Social Movements Affect the US Liberal News Coverage?
KOZMA, BÁLINT Familisation, Ideology, and Populism: Investigating Reform-making Patterns in Central- European Family Policy Trajectories
LECHHAB, MAGDALENA Ciao Bella, Ciao: Why Are Parties Losing Members
MYKHALCHYK, POLINA Can language construct a nation? The case of the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine
PINTO, NILESH Image is Everything: Decoding the British Press' Portrayal of Leader Traits
POZSAR, MARIA How Discourse Strengthens Online White Supremacy: Strategic Framing on Stormfront
SZABO, MIKLOS The Effect of Affective Polarization and Partisan Affect on Political Participation in the United States
WILHELM, SAMUEL Electoral Campaign Intensity and Policy Learning