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MA Theses 2022/23

One-year MA in Political Science

Student Name Thesis Title
Abbas Shahrabi Farahani Abolitionist Limits to State Authority: For a Democratic Political Theory of Criminal Justice
Aigerim Zholdas Who Decides Counterterrorism Measures In Central Asia? Case of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
Aktin Akishev 'They Started It': Legitimation Of War In Russian Televised News
Aleksandar Ivkovic International Constraints on Democratic Backsliding
GEORGE CONSTANTINESCU Coaching and Lobbying Europeanization. Romanian diplomacy as a norm entrepreneur in Moldova s EU accession process
Greta Bordin Legitimation Pattern: A Comparative Foreign Political Discourse Analysis of the Russian Interventions in Syria (2015) and Ukraine (2022)
Hanna Savaryn Warfare & Social Media: Disinformation and Propaganda in the Digital Age
KARLO MIKIC The Minimal Account of Path Dependence: Redeveloping the Concept of Path Dependence Based on its Use in Political Science
Lia Chkhetiani Us versus Them: Pernicious Political Polarization and Withering Hope for Democracy in Georgia
Mehmet Han Fatih Uyar Connecting Democratic Stock to Democratic Resilience: Autocratization in Turkey and Venezuela
Milan Stankovic Memory Politics as a Defining Instrument for Political Action? A Rhetorical Analysis of the Right-Wing Ideology in Slovenia and in Serbia
Nadezhda Boitsova Voting for a Better Future: The Promise and Reality of Digital Ballot Processing Systems in Russian Elections
Natalia Martins Fritzen AI-Nudging and Individual Autonomy: Moral Permissibility and Policy Recommendations
Nikita Sidorov Technology and the Future of Work: Comparing the Potential Impact of AI Industrialisation on Labour Markets in Liberal and Coordinated Market Economies
Nikolaos Tzimas From Policy Battles to Political Defeat: The "Defund the Police" Movement's Struggle to Challenge the Dominant Discourse on Public Safety 2020-2023
Orhun Kirlac Populism as an Entity, Its Manifestations and the Study of Populism at the Regime Level: Rescuing Democratic Popular Parties from Populists
OSCAR AVILA VELASCO Narco-terrorism in Mexico
Qi Sun The Power Change of Authoritarian and Democratic Regimes during the Times of Crisis - A Comparison between Mainland China and Taiwan
Sohaib Alzoubi States Responses to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies
Vladislav Siiutkin How Do Ordinary Citizens Experience Polarization Under an Authoritarian Regime? A Qualitative Study of Affects and Preferences in the Post-Invasion Russian Society

Two-Year MA in Political Science

Student Name Thesis Title
Asmaa Yousuf Identity Salience and the Copts in the Salafist Discourse in post-2011 Egypt: Discourse-Historical Approach
BURCU KISAC Rethinking Labor Market Participation through the Experiences of Turkish Immigrant Women in the Austrian Labor Market
Furkan Berkant Yavuz Dreams of Perfection: Eugenics, Ethics and Politics from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century
Gilloch Boyle, Thomas Daniel (Re)Visiting Utopia: Critical Reflections
Inaltekin Süleyman (Esai) Walking in Another's Shoes: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Perspective-Taking in Decreasing Affective Polarization
Josipa Cvitic Socio-cultural Capital and Immigrants's Political Participation in Austria
Maria Yordanova Atanasova Bulgarian Political Parties: An Exploration Of Roma Representation In Online Electoral Campaigns
MURAD HASANOV Comparative Outlook of State-Mosque Relations: Modern Turkey and Iran
NASTIA  KOVALSKA Why Should They Be Friends? The impact of ideological proximity on international cooperation: the case of the Visegrad Group
SIMON OSLER To What Extent Does Britain Retain Class Politics In National Elections And Ireland Not?
Szabo Julia Lilian The Principle of Legitimacy and the Gendered Division of Labour: What to Make of the Tension Between Political Liberalism and Feminism
Victoria Palchikova War and development of gender norms: Case of Ukraine
Yuji Natsuma The Influence of Political Memes on Belief on Fake News: A Dual Process Theory Perspective
ZHANG, Chenzhi State-Business Relations in China's Digital Silk Road: The Case of Alibaba Group's E-WTP