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MA Theses 2021/22

One-year MA in Political Science

ABILKAIROV, ASLAN Discursive Framing Manipulation through Social Media and Public Statements by the Authoritarian Regime: the Case of Kazakhstan
ADOMEIT, FYNN Religious Mobilization In The United States: The Christian Churches In Times Of War
AYDOGAN, YAGMUR A New Gaze to Biopower: Understanding the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Question Of Liberties From a Foucauldian Perspective
BARMAN, KANAV An Intellectual History of Welfare in India
BLAZHKO, ANASTASIIA State in a Smartphone - Digitalization as a Lever for Increasing Citizens Trust
BREBAN, DAN Impact of the EU Green Deal on the Natural Resource-Dependent Soviet Successor States: Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in a Post-Oil & Gas Europe?
BUCHAROVÁ, TEREZA Disinformation Spread and Targeting Politicians on Czech Twitter
BYRNE, ELLEN Values in the Time of Crisis: the Impact of COVID-19
DAMINOV, ILDAR Roles of Government and Private Sector in
Digitalization: A New Conceptual
Framework and Typology
DRAKULA, LORENA The Radical Right's Three-dimensional Approach to Gender Equality - the Case of Croatia
DUMANLI, MERVE Testing Selectorate Theory in a Hybrid Regime Context: Does the Change to Presidential System Provide Greater Incentives for Public Good Provision?
DUMAS, MARY LOUISE Indigenous Movement-Building and Neoliberalism
GARIBOVA, SADA What Explains Changes In the Legitimation Strategies of Non-Democratic Regimes: The Case of the Erdogan Regime in Turkey
GOLDGISSER, PAUL The United States and Australias expansion of Unemployment Policies in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
ISBASARAN, VOLKAN The Domino Theory and Islamist Terrorism
JAHAN, MISKAT Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Comparative Study
KADIC, KENAN When Russian linkages meet domestic interests: The Rise of the Russian vector in foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
MASON, THOMAS State Responsibility For Historical Injustice
MATZHANOVA, KAMILA A typology of gender-based policies in the post-Communist EU member states
MCINERNEY, MICHAEL A Biopsy of Anti-Perfectionism: Controversies within the Philosophy of Health and their Implications for State Neutrality Towards Non-Autonomous Human Beings
MOFTAKHARI, VAHID Making Democracy feel: An Exploration into Emotional Politics and Politics of Emotion
OSHIRO MINEI, ALESSANDRA YOSHIMI Electric Vehicles and Ethical Consumption: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Socio-Environmental Cost Information on Attitudes Towards Electric Mobility and Political Engagement
PETROVIC, VALENTINO The Influence of EU Conditionality and Epistemic Community in Establishing Pockets of Efficiency
SABIROVA, GULNAZ Changing religious identity of Muslim youth: case of Moscow, Russia residing youth
SIMSEK, ERAY Political Economy of Interest Rates and Exchange Rates in Turkey
SOE NAING, YAUNGCHI Ethnic Terrorism And Co-Optation: The Case Of Malaysia And Philippines
TOKGÖZ, MERVE Unraveling The Margins Of Social Understanding: Analyzing The Ways Of Overcoming Hermeneutical Injustice
VUKSAN-CUSA, BARTUL A Sympathy For The Devil? Exploring Populist Attitudes In Croatia
WINT AUNG, THIHA Political Violence in Social Movements: Finding 'A Way Out' in the '8888 Uprising' & 'Spring Revolution' in Burma/Myanmar

Two-year MA in Political Science

ANDREEVA, ANASTASIIA ALEXANDROVNA Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Exploring the Effect of Distancing of Climate Change in Support for Green Policies with A Survey Experiment
BALTACI, GUZIN The Relationship between Populism and Polarization: A Case Study on Turkish and Hungarian Democratic Backsliding
BUDAIOVA, VERONIKA Populist Crisis Communication during the early Covid Pandemic in Slovakia
DEMIROV, RUFAT Organizing Internationally for Integration Nationally: Recognition of Roma in Multicultural States
DINH, CHAU THI A New Perspective on Civil-Military Relations: Military Deployments in COVID-19 Containment in Europe
SLOOTWEG, RICK (In)Vested Interest: Visibility of the Uyghur Genocide in Dutch and Belgian Media Coverage
TASHKENBAYEV, MUKHTAR The “edge” of political humor: effect of internet memes on affective polarization
VÉGH, MÁRTON Sympathy for the Devil? Right-wing terrorism and voting behavior in Hungary