MA Theses 2019/20

One-year MA in Political Science

Arziani, Georgy Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Georgia Economic Growth and Structural Transformation
Bolatkhanov, Zhengiskhan Politically Ideological Opposition in Hybrid Regimes: To What Extend They Are Treated Differently? Case Study of Russian Federation
Borsi, Zsófia Anna Mobilising Identities in Response to ‘Illiberal Populism’: Evidence from the Hungarian Municipal Elections
Camur, Ecem Changing the Combination of Authoritarian Stability Strategies Against Threats: Turkey (2002-2019)
Cherkas, Alina The Effects of Migration on Attitudes towards the European Union: Extent, Dynamics and Causality
Cosburn, Nicholas Platforms, Policies and Protections: An Institutional Analysis of Actors in the Platform Economy
Dauksaite, Laura Post-Soviet Civil Society in Transition: Leftist Social Movements in Lithuania
Davis, Willa Analyzing the Effects of Capitalist Diversity and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis on the Rise of Populist Radical-Right Parties in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
Gable, Madison Politicized White Identity in the U.S. Today: Applied Understandings from Social Psychology
Grabova, Olesya Pandemics, State Capacity, and Political Violence
Gubaydullina, Sofya Strategies of Regime Survival. Application in the Closed Authoritarian Regime
Ishikawa, Yusuke Reducing or Fueling: The Effect of EU International Aid Allocation on the Level of Corruption in Recipient Countries
Khalid, Muhammad Valence Populism In Pakistan: Making Sense Of Imran Khan's Ideological Cluelessness
Khokhlov, Nikita Perceptions of Corruption and Firm Performance in Post-Communist Countries: Institutional Perspective
Kochetova, Ekaterina Trust Issues: A Multi-Method Analysis of the Effects of Populism and Trust in Institutions on Confidence in Vaccines
Kostan, Roko Why did legitimacy crisis occur in Hong Kong but not in Macao?
Laugalyte, Ieva Glass Ceiling or Sticky Floor? Unmasking the Heterogeneity of the Lithuanian Gender Pay Gap
Lazarescu, Paul Understanding the Implications of the Hart-Celler Act
Martin, Pedro Demobilized Poor, Reduced Altruism, or None? A Test of the Literature on the Effects of Ethnic Diversity on Preferences for Redistribution
Ngo, Thanh The Role of Public Universities as Interest Groups in the United States
Petriashvili, Nino The Effect Of Democratic Maturity On Ideological Congruence: The Study Of European Parliamentary Democracies
Saleem, Muhammad Ideology Of Far-Right And White Supremacist Violence: Discourse Analysis Of Conspiracies, Narratives And Digital Spaces Sustaining The Far-Right
Salvana, Ian Mobility as Capability: Intermediary Discourses on the State of Labor Migration in the Philippines
Shturbabin, Kyrylo Factors contributing to the emergence and success of integrationist ethnic minority parties in Central and Eastern Europe
Ton, Nu Thuy Duong Remittances and Urban Bias
Varga, Zsombor Vilibald Support for Democracy in CEE countries: Micro-level Attributes in Politically Polarizing Societies
Wright, Catherine Anger and Epistemic Injustice: Evaluating Partisan Discursive Norms For Social Movements

Two-year MA in Political Science

Amjad, Syeda Mahnoor The Business of Religion and Politics: The Inevitable Oppression of the Ahmadis in Pakistani Regimes
Cioanca, Antonia Disenfranchising the Absent: Reframing the Discussion about the Voting Rights and Voting Competence for Persons with Severe Psychosocial and Intellectual Disabilities
Hamrák, Bence Persuasion Or Loyalty: The Effects Of Elite Communication On The Electoral Sanctioning Of Corruption - A Survey Experiment in Hungary
Hayes, Lukács How the Hungarian Government's Anti-Migration Campaign Affected Attitudes Towards the Roma Minority?
Htet, Hein Staying Away from Democratization: Ethnic Cleavages and the Long Life of the Military Regime in Myanmar
Kósa, Livia Intergenerational Distributive Justice and Climate Change
Milevoj, Toni A Defense of Democracy from Epistocratic Criticism
Rammohan, Viswesh Rethinking Rights Beyond Liberalism: A Radical Democratic Critique of Liberal Rights
Rusnák, Alex Mitigating the Damage of Political Scandal: Which Communication Strategy Works Best? An Experimental Study
Szaszi, Aron Political Humor Effects and Partisan Humor Bias: An Experimental Study in the United States
Vershinina, Polina High Tech Business Relations with the State in Russia
Zorina, Elina Boosting Political Participation in a Non-Democratic Context? Political Effects of International Educational Exchange Programs