MA Theses 2018/19

One-year MA in Political Science

Antonova, Viktoriia New Forms of "Soft Repression" in Russian Regions: the Case of Article 282.
Berezutskii, Anton Targeted Sanctions and the Survival of Autocracies. The Case of Russia.
De Gaspi, Renato Drifting Apart. Crises, Social Bloc Realignment, and Industrial Relations in Brazil and Mexico (1994-2012).
Ejiofor, Promise Frank The Ethics of Organ Sale
Kajan, Mário Is the Gender Gap in Political Participation Closing? Comparison of Western and Central and Eastern Europe.
Kocaogullari, Anil Rent-Seeking in an Authoritarian Regime. Corporate Donations to the Government-Organized Non-Governmental Organization (GONGOs) in Turkey.
Koppe, Celeste Countering Terrorism or Undermining Democracy? Locating Civil Society in EU Counter Terrorism Strategies.
Kostryba, Oleksandr Traditional and Digital Media Influence on the Polarization in Poland
Kovyliaeva, Natalia Replication Crisis? The Role of Reviewers and Data Availability Policies in Political Science Journals.
Liotta, Gaia Hybrid Regime, Hybrid Warfare? How Russia's Hybrid War Effected Ukraine's Democratic Transition.
Meliukhina, Elena The Russian-speaking Minority in Germany. A Stronghold for 'Alternative for Germany'?
Naqvi, Syed Muhammad Haider Individual Choice and Responsibility in the Backdrop of Just Institution
Secme, Berkin The Small Brothers Among Us. Mukhtars and Authoritarianism in Turkey.
Sekhniashvili , Teona The Power of "Divine Commands" and the Image of A Neutral State. Legal Dimension of Church-State Relationship in Georgia.
Slavina, Olha Why Stabilization Outweighed Democratization. The Case of the EU Policy Change in the Eastern Neighborhood.
Switzer, Ryan Unhooding the Alt-Right: Framing and Metapolitics in Far-Right Discourse
Thakkar, Chirayu New Analytical Model for Number of Parties and its Application to Indian States
Tsaava, Alisa Fiscal (DE)centralization in Post-Unification Germany, 1990-2019
Veljanov, Zdravko Internal Organization of Europarties. Designing a Comparative Framework.
Vukovic, Vuk Party System Cartelization: The Case of Croatia
Yavuz, Mehmet Western Linkage vs. Illiberalism. De-democratization in Hungary and Turkey.
Yu, Ruichuan Why Does a Government Make Referendums Easier for the Opposition? A Hypothesis-Generating Case Study of Taiwan.
Yuan, Ye Meritocracy and Political Authority Legitimacy

Two-year MA in Political Science 

Alqarout, Ahmed The Pursuit of Stability. Financial Liberalisation and Regime Stability in Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Harb, Jad Extensive or Intensive Growth? Avenues for Ethno-Regionalist Parties to Transcend Their Core Constituency.
Iqbal, Muhammad Religion and the Liberal State. Liberal Neutrality in the Post-Secular Age.
Jakab, Zalán Minority Claim-Making. A Look Inside Collective Identity.
Janotová, Lucie Laughing Our Way to the Public Sphere. Humorous Contentious Performances of Social Movements.
Lipovina, Boris It is the Logic of Dominant Party Systems that Matters. Revisiting the Case of Montenegro.
Matók, Dániel From Policy to Irrationality. Negative Campaigning in Hungary 1990-2018.
Mchedlidze, Lika Trust to Political Infographics. What Makes People Trust Visual Information? Case of Russia.
Oellerich, Nils Changing Bank Ownership Patterns in Hungary. Development, Economic Nationalism, and Political Lending.
Pricop, Cristina European Self-portrait. Evidence from Citizens' Dialogues.
Silagadze, Givi The Role of Structural Factors and Party Agency in Shaping Post-Soviet Party Systems
Stefani, Benedict Can Impartiality Be Enforced When Corruption Is Systemic? The Impact of the National Anticorruption Directorate on Favouritism in Local Public Procurement.
Toma, Raluca Roma versus Gypsy. Do Politically Correct Terms Trigger More Minority-Friendly Reactions?
Tóth, Barnabás Privileged and Discriminated Citizens of Slovakian Ethnic Democracy