MA Theses 2017/18

One-year MA in Political Science

Arican, Yunus The Politics of the Organizing the 'Unorganized' in Turkey
Bornat, Marleen Women to the Rescue: Is There a Glass Cliff in Politics?
Elliott, Claire Is Consensus Democracy Better for the EU? A Multilevel Analysis of Euroscepticism
Fisher, Avonlea Selling Sex Cells: Dignity, Autonomy, And The Market Of Human Gametes
Giacoletto, Thomas An offer they can refuse? Nudging against advertising
Gurmankin, Daniel Sustainability and the Welfare of Future Generations
Güner, Cagla The Impact Of Adverse Incorporation And Social Exclusion On Precarization: A Case Study On The Syrian Migrant Workers In Turkey
Gürsoy, Kaan Pride, Nostalgia, and Fury: Exploring Representations of Contemporary Politics in Entertainment Television
Hasker, Sien From Welfare State to Participation Society: Studying Social Service Access and Equity in the Netherlands
Hassan, Muhammad Ahmad Protesting on the Streets while in Parliament? Exploring Extra-Parliamentary Activity of a Within-System Political Party in Pakistan
Hawlader, Alamgir Mangrove Governance and Resource Conflicts: A Case Study of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh
Hickey, Paul Accounting for Job Automation in Advanced Economies: An Overview of Impact, Contingent Resolution Options, and a Case Study of the UK
Jison, John Raymond Analyzing Mobilization and Outcomes of People Power Movements in Non-Democratic Regimes. The Interplay of Political and Discursive Opportunity Structures in Asian People Power Movements (1970s-1990s).
Lecamwasam, Hasini National Integration in Sri Lanka: Capital Accumulation, Spatial Politics, Intermarriages, and Religion in Nation-Building Among the Kandyan Sinhalese
McNeill, Zoie The Making of a Queer of Color Critique of Lesbian and Gay Politics: In/Exclusion and the Black Pride 4
Mladenovic, Andrija The Unwanted Intellectual Elite: What Is Other Serbia?
Moradi, Mohammad Eschatology and Community in the Radical Reformation:The Political Thought of Hans Hut and Hans Hergot
Mukherjee, Nirjhar Chantal Mouffe's Agonism- A Theory For Democratic Socialism?
Ozorai, Fanni Can Theories Of Mainstreaming Travel From West To East? A Comparative Study Of The French National Front And Jobbik Movement For A Better Hungary
Özgül, Mahur Capacity Building or Resource Dependence: The Effect of Foreign Aid on the Power Dynamics of Turkish Civil Society
Petrushev, Hristijan Capitalism in the Yugoslav Successor States: Slovenia and Macedonia
Poltoratskaya, Viktoriia Accountability of federal systems: Factors of Budgetary Performance in Russia and Germany
Popp, Livia-Angela Nonresponse to Politically-Sensitive Questions Across Political Regimes
Shaw, Daniel Beyond Necessity: State-Sponsored Terrorism and Organized Crime.
Shida, Junjiro Dealing with the Hybrid War
Shishov, Aleksandr Identifying the Heideggerian Footprint in Post-Communist Russia's Radical Political Thought: the Case of Aleksandr Dugin
Simsek, Caner Populism as Distant Relative of Terrorism
Skrynnyk, Mykola Politics Through the Lens of the Internet: Does the Internet Affect Citizens' Trust in Government?
Slukvin, Mykhailo Pro-democracy in the sheets but less in the streets: social movement protest alliances of Ukrainian Maidan 2013-2014
Stanwix, Christopher The Role of Solidarity Initiatives During Times of Economic Crisis and Austerity: Alternative Forms of Resilience and Resistance in Greece and Italy
Suga, Mirella Today's Hong Kong, Tomorrow's Taiwan: Social Movements and Social Media
Tariq, Rabia "State of Exception": Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan
Todoric, Nikola Institutional Dynamics and Bureaucratic Agencies: Adoption of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in the Western Balkans

Two-year MA in Political Science 

Ali, Hager Making and Breaking Regimes. Reconceptualizing the Role of Armed Forces in Regime Change.
Bagi, Eszter The Newly Religious Populist Radical Right of Contemporary Europe? The Case of Germany and Hungary
Bajnay, Zsófia Kadar's People- Post-socialist legacy and economic populism in Hungary
Davidovic, Jovana Unraveling the Black Mountain: Authoritarian Submission and Party Preference in Montenegro
Madlovics, Bálint István The Epistemology of Comparative Regime Theory: An Austrian Critique
Petranova, Darina Othering, Stereotyping and Dehumanization- Online Discourse on Minority Groups in Slovakia
Priyadarshini, Vidita Decentralised Land Governance: Role of Subnational Institutions in Mediating Conflicts Over Land-Use Change in India
Stefanelli, Alberto The "Irrationality" of Populist Voters. Testing Spatial Models of Electoral Competition Using Populist Attitudes
Tóth, Gergő Social Interaction As Cues: A Low-Cost Tool For Changing Political Opinion
Triantafyllou, Zsuzsanna Political Campaigning in the Age of Populism: The Hungarian National Election of 2018