MA Theses 2016/17

Political Science MA

Arguelles, Cleve Kevin Robert Grounding Populism: Perspectives from the Populist Publics
Calvo, Esther Mary Unpopular Corruption and Popular Corrupt Politician: A Survey Experiment on Electoral Support for Corrupt Candidates in the Philippines
Castelar Lizardo, Roberto The Private Sphere and the Boundaries of Politics
Cindric, Edward Framing Noncitizen Suffrage: A corpus-based analysis of media content addressing noncitizen voting rights in the United States
Demir, Manuela Who Creates and Who Follows the "Rules of the Game"? Rethinking Roma Political Representation in Macedonia and Slovakia
Kandelaki, Salome The Role of the Orthodox Church in Politics and Democratization of Georgia and Romania
Karabag, Murat Fair Equality of Opportunity and Inheritance: How to Tax Inheritance?
Kavasoglu, Yaman The Party and Party System Institutionalization in Third-Wave Democracies
Khazieva, Daria Political Opposition in a Hostile Environment: Comparative Party Systems of East and Southeast Asia
Kosta, Herald The Political Economy of the Cohesion Policy: A Perspective from the Second Generation Theory of Fiscal Federalism
Latif, Danish What do they say? Mapping the propaganda discourse of Islamic State publications: An analysis of Dabiq and Rumiyah
Maitreyi, Misha Violence Against Women in Ethnic Riots-- An Interpretive Exercise Based on Anti-Muslim Riots in Gujarat, 2002 and Uttar-Pradesh, 2013 in India
Mátyás, Eszter Unsustainable future-unsustainable past?: How Environmental Advocacy Prevails in the Hungarian Legislation After 1990
Means, Jason What Do We Actually Know? Correcting for Differential Item Functioning with a Survey Experiment
Mulki, Jonathan Power, But Not Glory: The Example of Agathocles of Syracuse in Machiavelli's Prince
Niessen, Christoph National Minorities and Self-Governance Rights. A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Diverging Minority Rights in Western Europe
Riggs, Tara Using Experimental Design to Test the Effect of Campaign Donation Knowledge on Interpersonal Political Trust in the United States
Sennikov, Egor The Politics of Repression in Contemporary Russia: Protests of 2011-2013 and Methods of Suppression
Shahid, Furqan Bin Explaining Intra-party Democracy (IPD) in the Orient: A case study of Political Parties in Pakistan
Sharma, Sanjay Mere 'Mercenaries' to Equal Citizens: Political and Social Negotiations by Gurkhas in the UK
Skripkina, Anastasiia Economic Voting in Russian Regions: 
Regional Legislative Elections 2003-2015
Sorbale, Aleksei The influence of state capacity on the speed of EU accession: the case of post-socialist states of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
Soyler, Duygu Being A Dissident Journalist In Turkey: Old and New Challenges
Telegina, Tatiana Political Moderation in India: The Case of Bharatiya Janata Party
Turker, Ezgi Sociological Explanations of Political Violence in Guatemala and Turkey: A Comparative Research
Urman, Aleksandra Opposition in Putin's Russia: Resisting Propaganda
Vovchenko, Oliver Friend or foe? The Micro Perspectives on Support for Violent Separatist Rebellion in Ukraine
Főző, Zsolt  The diffusion of the anti-Olympics - Recent movements against hosting the Olympic Games in Boston, Hamburg and Budapest
Vellikok, Anna  Variation in power distribution design across federal states
Jerant, Jasmina 'You Know, It's So Pitiful When You Don't Have Your Own Cash ...' Autonomous Cash Benefit as a Welfare State Tool for Battling the Poverty and Social Exclusion of Disadvantaged Adolescents on Grounds of Social Justice
Daniel, Katherine  Political Tolerance in Modern Day America
Jones, Garrett  What's the Problem of Child Poverty Represented to Be? The Politics of Discourse and Anti-Poverty Programme Design in Romani
Political Science MA2
Belli, Sharon The Rise of Populism in South of Europe: Negativity Bias of Society and Economic Distress?
Isherwood Mote, John European Institutions at the Forge of Crises: A Motion Picture on Prudential State Formation
Kostolny, Jakub Understanding European Solidarity Through Political Discourse in Slovakia
McLaughlan-Haggarty, Soryah Financialization and Housing: The role of national institutions in mediating the global wall of money
Nikolovski, Ivan What Brings Them Together? Social Movements in Divided Societies: The Case of the Republic of Macedonia
Sahagian, Avraham Realism, Power and the Third Wheel: The EU Mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Szabó, Sándor Frame Analysis of the 2016 Hungarian Referendum Campaign
Szűcs, Donát How Do Eurosceptics Vote? Attitudes Towards the European Union and Party Choice in European Elections
Dolma, Dawa  Survival and Revival of Tibetan Ethnic Identity in India