MA Theses 2011/12

Amarascu, Andreea Daniela Splitting A Larger Pie: A Simulation Of The Effects Of Compulsory Voting On The 2009 Romanian Presidential Election Outcome
Anastassov, Andrey Ownership Irregularities in Bulgarian Private Mass Media: Implications for Freedom of Speech
Artimof, Cosmin The Influence of Economic and Social Threat on Voting Behaviour after the Economic Crisis of 2008
Barta, Marton Janus-Faced Political Competition. Exploring the Effect of Political Competition on Economic Policy
Biea, Nicolae (In)Congruence: A Study of Opinion-Policy Distance in 33 Democracies
Bilic, Ria Does a Zip Code Affect One’s Chances of Getting into Higher Education? Local and Regional Inequalities of Access to Higher Education in Croatia
Bogdan, Alexandra The Anxious Partisan: A Test of Affective Intelligence Theory in Romania
Bor, Alexander Trust and Heterogeneity in Putin’s Russia – Testing the “New Middle Class”-Hypothesis
Bozac, Zlata Global Democracy: Coercion-Based Approach
Craciun, Robert The Political Chemistry of the Institutionalization of Human Rights in ASEAN
Csomor, Gabor Liberal Multiculturalism: Official Language Use and Education
Dotchev, Atanas Creating the Exotic “Other” in Europe: the Representation of the Western Balkans in Mass Media Discourse
Dumitras, Rares Imagining the Nation: Mythical Structures in Representations of National Identity of the Romanian Communities in Serbia and Ukraine. A Comparative Discourse Analysis of Online News Data
Fabo, Brian Slovakia and the Economic Governance of the European Union at the Times of the Crisis
Filipovic, Visnja Political Mobilization via Social Media – The Strategies of Serbian Political Parties
Gebert, Judit The Metric and the Pattern of Social Advantages
Goralski, Pavel Home Region Advantage in Presidential Elections in Europe 1990 - 2010
Gurkin, Igor Framing and Civil Activism: New Media and the Rise of Protest Movement in Russia
Gyorgy, Tamas Social network services as tools for online and offline activism: the case of Egymillióan a Magyar Sajtószabadságért (One Million for the Freedom of Press in Hungary)
Hasic, Jasmin The Politics of Memory in Cazinska Krajina – Case Study of ‘‘Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia’’
Janto-Petnehazi, Istvan-Peter User-Generated Hate Speech: Analysis, Lessons Learnt, and Policy Implications. The Case of Romania
Jones, Benjamin Electoral Volatility in Old and New Democracies: Comparing Causes of Party System Institutionalisation
Karatas, Birkan The Integration of Islamic Movements to the Neo-Liberal Economy in Turkey: The Case of Gulen Movement
Koenig, Leela Exploring Ways to Justify Paternalism
Kononenko, Anna Two-Dimensional Politics in France
Kovacs, David Electoral Candidates and the Media: An exploratory study on framing of female candidates
Kovanic, Martin Transitional Justice Dynamics in Slovakia: From Silence to the Nation’s Memory Institute
Krohn, Torgeir Economy and Elections in Norway 1981-2009
Lamore, Yodahe Fair Trade and the Moral Obligation it Generates
Ljubicic, Goran Sustainable Moral Skepticism: Anti-Realism and Liberal Neutrality
Magiya, Yusuf The Effect of Modernization on Ethnic Conflict: The Kurdish Question in Turkey
Malejcikova, Anna European Parliament Elections and Political Parties: Challenge for Democracy in the European Union
Marjai, Erzsebet Candidate Selection Patterns in the 2010 Hungarian Parliamentary Elections
Masullo, Juan Non-Violent Resistance in Civil Wars as Contentious Politics: The Case of the Peace Community of San José De Apartadó, Colombia
McKeever, David The Logic of Revolt: Populist Discourse in Tahrir Square
Mebane, Waleed A Conception of Deliberative Democracy
Mitaev, Maria Multilateral Third-Party Intervention: Measuring the Impact of Civilian Approach in Transnistria, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia
Molnar, Attila EU "External Action" at the United Nations
Momunova, Akjibek Party and Clan Politics in Kyrgyzstan: Is the 'Clan' an Organizing Principle for Political Parties? The Case Studies of the Three Parties in Power
Okov, Slav New Media And Democratic Representation: The Bulgarian Environmental Movement and its Perceptions of the Digital Political Space
Saghy, Balazs Banking Consolidation in the US in the wake of the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
Smolenski, Jan Beyond Liberal Democracy? A Critical Assessment of Political Theories of Chantal Mouffe and Slavoj Žižek
Sumaadii, Mina Mongolian Values and Attitudes Toward Democracy
Thomas, James Amnesty in South Africa: A study of the Committee on Amnesty in Transitional South Africa
Tofalvi, Fruzsina Military Disloyalty and Regime Change: A Comparative Examination of Loyalty Shifts in the Armed Forces
Vargovic, Emil Social Justice and the Moral Justification of a Market Society
Vladimirova, Elena The Future of the Open Internet: Changing Dynamics between the State and Private Intermediaries and Their Impact on the Public
Vukelic, Kristijan Designing Special Electoral Mechanisms for Group Representation
Wassel, Mohammad Wahdat The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan: A study of transnational factors
Young, Sophie Valuing Nature: How an Environmental Ethic Grounds Our Moral Obligations to Combat Climate Change 
Yuksekdag, Yusuf Justice in Migration: A Moral Cosmopolitan Framework
Zhukova, Ekatherina ‘Nuclear’ Citizens and the State: Trauma and National Identity after Hiroshima and Chernobyl