MA Theses 2010/11

MA Theses 2010/11  
Adascalitei, Dragos Fighting the decline: trade union strategies in Romania and Poland
Akkaya, Tugba A normative inquiry to the place of referendums in democratic practice
Asymova, Gulnisa Rational Irrationality: Nature of Suicide Bombers Choice
Baketa, Nikola The European Union's Conditionality Mechanism and Democratic Consolidation in the Post-communist EU Candidate Countries
Begin, Hugo The Internet in Transnational Advocacy Networks: The Forgotten Question
Bodnárová, Barbora Short Notice Military Deployment in Central and Eastern European NATO member Countries: Bargaining over Budgets and Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy
Branon, Shane Rethinking the Welfare State: Social Protection, Economic Integration, and Transport 
Buchel, Ondrej Inequality Attitudes in Central European Countries: Changes in Normative Attitudes during Two Decades of Adaptation
Cepulis, Arvydas Development through migration and remittances: the impact on inequality
Corbett, Thomas Should Happiness Indicators be used to Influence Public Policy?
Danaj, Sonila Albania Divided: An Analysis of the January 21, 2011 Demonstrations Through the Albanian Print Media
Dawit, Ephrem Shumbulo Political Islam in Sudan and Somalia: Explanation of Variations in "Stateness"
Dodic Gruicic, Maja Internet and the Structural Transformation of Public Debate - A Comparison of the Online and Offline Public Spheres in Croatia
Domonkos, Stefan The Impact of Corruption on FDI: The Case of Post-Socialist Europe
Dramac, Tanja The role of civil society in the peace-building process, a case study of two NGOs in Srebrenica
Drlikova, Jana The paradox of success – how the last became the first: What determines failure of success in retrenchment welfare policies? Case study: Slovakia and Hungary
Ellis, Zachary Normative Analysis of Climate Change
Gogsadze, George Civil Society Participation in Law-making Processes in Georgia
Gyimesi, Mihály Spinning the Discourse for Interethnic Reconciliation—Towards a Discourse Perspective of Interethnic Public Relations
Hrydziushka, Neli Representation of the Eastern Bloc Countries in the Western Press in 1989-1990 and 2009-2010 and EU Integration
Kanyigina Yuliya The Demandingness Objection to Singer’s Account of Our Obligation to the World’s Poor
Karaca, Asli Exploring the Backstage of Women’s Movements: Contextual and Characteristic Aspects of Four Women’s Organizations in Turkey
Ko, Winne Mapping the Role of Basic Rights in the Hungarian Tobacco Control: Who should be protected?
Kovacic, Marko An Assessment of the Role of Civil Society in the Democratic Consolidation: A Comparative Analysis of Croatia and Serbia 
Kozma, Robert Constitution-making Process in Serbia, 2000–2006
Kratovac, Anesa The Impact of Social Capital on Microfinance Activity During and After Civil Conflict in Rural Mozambique
Labanino, Rafael Pablo Explaining Second Generation Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe – The Role of Party System Institutionalization and Ideology
Labzina, Elena No Free Lunch: Costs and Benefits of Using the Concept of Natural Experiments in Political Science
Lomtatidze, Ana Should Religion Be Used in Politics? A Theoretical Discussion
Madariaga, Aldo Patterns of Institutional Change and External Competitiveness in Neoliberal and Dependent Political Economies. Chile and Estonia Compared
Maftean, Miles Passion and Reason in the Constitution Making Process: the Issue of Slavery and the American Constitution
Marusik, Jozef Laggardness as a forming power of Second Generation Reforms in Central Europe- Comparative study of Slovakia and Hungary
Mohoric, Melina The Erasmus Program and EU Leverage on Higher Education Reforms in Croatia
Neamtu, Silvia The effect of electoral reform on members of the Romanian parliament: A network analysis
Nurieva, Elvira The Relational Model of the Right-Determination of Indigenous Peoples in Canada
Oermen, Jacob The Issue Network as a Site of Politics: Deliberating the Danish Asylum Issue on the Internet
Pecijareski, Martin The role of inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic conflicts on the integration of the Macedonian society
Petre, Ioana Just Terrorism? A Moral Assessment of the Relationship between Terrorism and the Just War Theory
Pisarev, Ivan Interest Groups and Civil Society through the prism of the Civil Society Index of the World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVICUS)
Pop, Oana-Florina Between Non-intervention and the protection of Human Rights: a moral argument in defense of Humanitarian Intervention
Robichaud, Francis Lender of Last Resort in the Euro Zone: Who Will Stand Up and Do the Job?
Saric, Ivan No thesis info 
Svensson, Adam Turkey's Road to Europe - Discursive structures and Enlargement Politics
Toth, Mano Gabor Symbols in Transition: Public Places, Reparatory Justice, and the Statue Park
Trebulová, Lucia Partial Reform Equilibrium and Economic Nationalism in Putin´s Russia
Tyrala, Michael Left-Right Self-Placement in Western and Eastern Europe Is left-right self-placement an accurate mechanism reflecting the publics value positions?
van der Lee, Martine Exit or Voice? Migrant Responses to the Rise of Right-Wing Radicalism in the Netherlands
Watanabe, Kohei Dynamics of international news environments - Comparative analysis of online news services in the US and India
Yip Heung Win, Sin Sieve Stranded Amidst Resettlement Applications: A Case Study of Pakistani Refugees in China
Závecz, Gergõ Explaining the level of individual Euroscepticism in Hungary